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If you’ve got a passion for skateboarding, longboarding, electric skateboards, fingerboarding, hoverboarding, or even roller skates, you’re in the right place! We’re all about celebrating these awesome rides and the diverse community that comes with them.

At Skateboard Elite, we’re stoked to open our doors to guest contributors like you. Whether you’re a seasoned skater with tales to tell or a newbie eager to share your learning curve, we’re excited about the stories, tips, and insights you might bring to the table.

What We’re Looking For:

  1. Authentic Experiences: Share your personal stories, adventures, or mishaps on your skateboard journey. Let’s connect through the highs and lows of skating life.
  2. How-To Guides: Got some cool tricks up your sleeve? Share step-by-step guides, tips, and tricks that can help fellow skaters level up their game.
  3. Product Reviews: Tried out the latest skateboard gear? We’d love to hear your honest thoughts and reviews to help our community make informed choices.
  4. Innovative Ideas: Have a unique take on the future of skateboarding technology or design? Let your creativity flow and inspire others.

Guidelines for Submission:

  • Be You: Embrace your unique style and voice. Write in a way that feels authentic to you.
  • Keep It Clear: Use simple language that’s easy for all skaters to understand. Avoid jargon or complicated terms.
  • Engage and Entertain: Whether you’re sharing a story or a guide, aim to captivate and entertain our readers.
  • Stay Positive: We’re all about spreading good vibes. Let’s keep the content constructive and encouraging.

How to Submit:

Ready to roll? Here’s how you can submit your awesome content:

Send us an Email at info [at] skateboardelite [dot] com.

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