What Is Pushing Mongo On A Skateboard? (Pros & Cons) Explained

Mongo Pushing (mongo stance) is a term used in skateboarding to describe a pushing technique.

Pushing mongo means when you use your front foot to push the board forward rather than your back foot.

Mongo push skating was popular in the early days of skateboarding but eventually fell out of favor as skaters realized it was actually slower and more difficult than the regular pushing style.

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What is Mongo Skateboarding?

Mongo skateboarding is a style of skateboarding in which the front foot is used to push the skateboard forward, rather than the back foot. 

This style is called “mongo skating”. Mongo skateboarding is not as common as regular skateboarding, but some skateboarders may choose this style for certain tricks or just for fun. 

It is important to note that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to skateboard and different skateboarders have their own preferred styles and techniques.

What is a Skateboard Stance?

A skateboard stance is a way a skateboarder positions their body and feet on the skateboard while riding. There are two main types of skateboard stances: regular stance and goofy stance.

In a regular stance, the skateboarder’s left foot is placed forward on the skateboard, and the right foot is placed back. This is the most common skateboard stance, and it is preferred by the majority of skateboarders.

In a goofy stance, the skateboarder’s right foot is placed forward on the skateboard, and the left foot is placed back.

The goofy stance is less common than the regular stance, and it is preferred by a relatively small number of skateboarders.

Mongo Skateboarding vs Regular Skateboarding

In regular skateboarding, the back foot is typically used to push the skateboard forward, while the front foot is used to balance and steer. This is the most common and conventional way to skateboard. 

On the other hand,

Mongo skateboarding involves using the front foot to push the skateboard forward, while the back foot is used to balance and steer. 

Some skateboarders may prefer mongo skateboarding because it can allow them to maintain a more stable and comfortable stance on the skateboard.

However, mongo skateboarding is not as common as regular skateboarding, and it is generally seen as less efficient and less conventional. 

Ultimately, the choice between mongo skateboarding and regular skateboarding is depend on personal preference. Each skateboarder may prefer a different style and technique.

Do any Pro Skateboarders push mongo?

Yes, there are many pro skateboarders do use this style.

However, it is difficult to determine exactly how many professional skateboarders use the mongo skating style, as this information is not widely tracked or reported.

Some examples of professional skateboarders who have been known to use the mongo style include Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Mike Vallely Terry Kennedy, Stevie Williams, and Chris Cole.

They are all examples of pro skateboarders who have pushed mongo at some point in their careers. 

However, it’s important to note that these skateboarders, like many others, have their own personal preferences and styles, and may not exclusively push mongo all the time.

Some skateboarders may push mongo occasionally or in certain situations, while others may never push mongo at all. Ultimately, whether a skateboarder pushes mongo or not is a matter of personal preference and style.

Why is Pushing Mongo Bad?

Many skateboarders hate mongo push. For many skateboarders, mongo pushing is considered a bad form. There are a few reasons for this. 

1. Pushing Mongo takes time to position yourself correctly on a skateboard:- 

You know the importance of the front foot, whether you are performing tricks or just pushing around town.

If we compare pushing mongo with the regular pushing style, the mongo push style takes more time to balance and position yourself correctly on a skateboard, 

Here why

In the push-mongo technique, each time you push, your front foot will leave the board. 

This means that when you perform a trick then you have to spend more time placing your foot and then shift your feet in the correct locations back.

2. Mongo push gives you less stability and less balance:-

Pushing mongo on a skateboard gives you less stability and less balance on the board because your weight does not spread evenly across the board which can make it more difficult to control. 

Mongo skaters put their back foot near the tail of the board nearby trucks and push with the right foot, that’s why it will be harder to control the nose and give you less stability when you are rolling faster because your body weight is not equally distributed.

On the other hand, Pushing in a regular style with your back foot provides more stability even at higher speed, because your weight is more evenly distributed and more centered.

3. Harder to control the skateboard when pushing mongo:-

Another disadvantage of the mongo stance is that it takes more effort to control your board while riding. You need to keep your balance while pushing, which requires strength and concentration on your part. 

This can be difficult at first because you have to keep track of where your feet are going and how fast they are moving in order for you to stay balanced when pushing or pulling against gravity.

4. Harder to steer properly

In mongo pushing skating style, it is hard to steer the board because your whole body weight is on the tail of the board nearby the back trucks, and the center and front of the board have less weight. 

That’s why the front trucks won’t react as strongly because your body weight is not evenly distributed between the two trucks.

This means that your skateboard won’t be as responsive when you turn and could pose a risk while skating in the midst of other skaters.

If we talk about regular riding style, 

When you steer, your weight is distributed evenly over a larger area of the board. This gives you more control over the board while steering.

Pros of Pushing Mongo:

Here are also some advantages of this weird style of riding.

1. Rolling over debris: 

Pushing mongo on a skateboard helps you to roll over cracks and pebbles easily because The weight of your body is on the lower part of the deck, allowing you to roll over cracks and pebbles with more leverage.

2. Pushing long distances

Mongo pushing can help you go long distances. You can push with both pushing mongo and regular styles which give your legs rest and relief but is only possible if you know how to ride with both riding styles.

3. Pushing switch

You can also learn how to push the switch by pushing mongo.

4. Turning Is easier

When you push mongo, your body will be in a more upright position and it will be easier for you to turn smoothly and quickly.

5. Stable stance:

Some skateboarders may find mogo skating more stable than a regular stance. Because using their front foot to push the skateboard allows them to maintain a more stable and comfortable stance on the skateboard.

6. Personal preference:

Some skateboarders may simply prefer mongo skateboarding because it feels more comfortable or maybe they enjoy the feeling of using their front foot to push the skateboard.

It is important to note that these potential benefits of mongo skateboarding are subjective, and different skateboarders may have different experiences and opinions about the benefits of this style.

Cons of Mongo pushing style:

There are a few potential drawbacks to mongo skateboarding:

1. Less efficient:

Using the front foot to push the skateboard is generally seen as less efficient than using the back foot because it requires the skateboarder to reach further and bend their knee more in order to push the skateboard. As a result, mongo skateboarding may not be as fast or powerful as regular skateboarding.

2. More difficult to learn:

Some skateboarders may find it more difficult to learn mongo skateboarding because it is less common. It may take more time and practice to develop the skills and muscle memory needed to push effectively with the front foot.

Not as widely accepted: Mongo skateboarding is not as common or widely accepted as traditional skateboarding, and some skateboarders may be judged or looked down upon for using this style.

How do I stop pushing mongo?

If you’re addicted to mongo pushing, you need to accept the fact that it’s a problem. Start to work on breaking this habit with the following proven steps. 

keep in mind,

It’s going to be awkward and weird at first, but that’s normal. Just keep telling yourself that you’re doing it for a good reason and that eventually, it will become second nature. 

Remember to be patient with yourself and take things one day at a time.

Here are the steps

1. Find a smooth road

The first step is to just find a smooth, flat surface to practice on. This can be as simple as the sidewalk in front of your house, an empty parking lot, or a smooth road or skate park to skate in.

2. Start slow

Starting slow is the best way to avoid injury, because you might not be 100% balanced and stable in the beginning, and that’s totally fine.

3. Start Practicing pushing with your back foot

It’s actually really simple. Simply place your front foot on the board and just push with your back foot. You’re going to feel uncomfortable at first, and that’s totally fine. 

You just want to practice for a full day straight and push normally and keep on doing and don’t try any other tricks and I promise you are going to switch and you become a better skater and with a regular stance you are more balanced and you are gonna be able to do tricks a lot faster.

Tips on How to avoid pushing mongo

Here are some tips on how to avoid pushing mongo so you can skateboard more safely and efficiently: 

  • 1. In the beginning, you may find it useful to place your hand on your knee in order to maintain your balance on the board.
  • 2. Practice proper form. Make sure you’re using your front foot to push off and keeping your back foot firmly planted on the tail of the board.
  • 3. You should also be aware of your weight distribution when skating. If you’re constantly pushing mongo, it means that you’re not shifting your weight properly when making turns or going up and down hills. 

So it is important to learn how to distribute body weight when you ride a regular style.

Last Words

Lastly, I hope that now you have a better understanding of what is pushing mongo and why pushing mongo’s riding style is bad, and why some skaters hate this. 

Well, there is nothing wrong with pushing the mongo style but if we compare it with the regular stance, the regular riding style is faster and more stable and provides more control while performing tricks. 

That’s why you need to upgrade your skating skill to improve your performance. So start practicing the regular riding style as we discussed above.

If you find yourself still struggling to break the habit of mongo pushing, don’t get discouraged. The feeling will be odd at first. Just keep practicing and eventually, you’ll get there. 

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