What is a Penny Board? A Simple But (Complete) Guide

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Penny boards are one of the most popular types of skateboards on the market today. They are small, lightweight, and easy to maneuver, making them a great choice for both beginner and experienced skaters alike. 

But what exactly is a penny board? 

In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at penny boards, their history, and how they differ from other types of skateboards. 

In the end, you’ll understand everything you need to know about these popular little boards.

Let’s get started

Little History of the Penny Board (You Should Know)

Penny board is a type of skateboard that gained popularity in the early 2010s. 

Penny boards are made of plastic and measure 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. Penny boards were designed by PennySkateboards company, a company founded in 2010 by Ben Mackay. The company is based in Australia, the company produces a wide range of skateboards, including penny boards.

Watch this interview with Ben Mackay, the founder of the Australian skateboard company Penny Skateboards. The re-inventors of the plastic skateboard. 

Feature and Characteristics of Penny Board

  1. Penny board deck: Penny board deck is smaller in size and made of durable plastic. Penny board decks have a waffle top texture which helps to prevent slipping.
  2. Penny board trucks: Penny board trucks are made from cast aluminum. Penny board trucks are lighter in weight making the board easier to maneuver. Overall, cast aluminum trucks provide a smoother ride and are more durable.
  3. Penny Board Wheels: Penny board wheels are made of polyurethane with a plastic coating, which makes them very smooth and easy to ride. The wheels on penny boards are also soft which helps absorb bumps and vibrations. 
  4. Penny boards are a popular mode of transportation around town or school, especially among young people. 
  5. Penny boards are small, lightweight, and easy to carry, making them ideal for commuting or traveling short distances. 
  6. Penny boards are extremely affordable, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious shoppers.
  7. Penny boards are available in a variety of colors and designs, so customers can find the perfect board to match their personality and style.

Penny Board Size: What are the Different Sizes of Penny Board?

Penny board comes in five different sizes. Whether you’re looking for a smaller board for easy maneuverability or a larger one for stability, there’s definitely a Penny Board size that’s perfect for you. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the five different sizes of penny boards that are currently available:

1. 22” Penny Board

The 22-inch Penny Board is the original size and is great for young beginners or those looking for a smaller board. 22” Penny Board comes with a Plastic non-slip waffle top deck.

22″ Penny Board comes with,

Deck Length22”
Deck Width5.9”
Wheels59mm, 83A 

2. 27” Nickel Board

The 27-inch Penny Board is perfect for those who want a little more stability without sacrificing too much maneuverability. 27” Nickel board has extra deck space as compared to a 22” penny board, which is ideal for riders who want a little more room to move around on their board.

27″ Nickel Board Comes with a Plastic non-slip waffle top deck.

Deck Length27”
Deck Width7.4”
Wheels59mm, 83A

3. 29” Surf Skate

A surf skateboard is a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds – surfing and skating. If you’re looking for an entry-level surf skateboard, I recommend this board. It’s a great surf skateboard for those who want to learn surf skating.

Personally, I love this board. It’s very versatile and can be used for both surfing and skating. 

29” Surf Skate comes with a Plastic W concave deck for extra rail control.

Deck Length29”
Deck Width10.1”
Wheels59mm, 83A

4. 32″ Skateboard

32″ Penny Skateboard is a good option and a more versatile board. If you are looking for doing tricks and stunts then a 32″ skateboard is a good option.

It is big enough to do most tricks but not so big that it becomes Inconvenient. You can easily maneuver on a 32″ skateboard and perform a variety of stunts.

Deck: Plastic non-slip waffle top deck

Deck Length32”
Deck Width8.54”
Wheels54mm, 78A

5. 36″ Longboard

36″ board is the longest board that Penny skateboard company offer. This size is perfect for cruising and long-distance travel because it provides a stable ride and plenty of space to stand.

Deck: Plastic non-slip waffle top deck

Deck Length36”
Deck Width9.61”
TrucksReverse Kingpins
Wheels59mm, 83A
Wheelbase 25”

What are Penny Boards Good For?

Penny boards are good for cruising and Trevail short distances.

You can get from Point A to Point B without getting stuck in traffic with Penny Board.

Penny boards are great for people who live in small apartments or don’t have a lot of space to store their gear. They’re also perfect for college students who want an easy way to commute between classes or back home after they’ve been studying all day.

You can use a penny board for getting from one part of your neighborhood to another quickly and smoothly, especially if you live in an area where aren’t many hills nearby.

Penny board comes with a large and soft wheel, which is great for tackling cracks, pebbles, and rougher terrain.

You can also use a penny board in the park or on the street. The board is very stable, which makes it good for beginners and kids who want to learn how to ride a skateboard before they move up to a bigger board.

Is a Penny Board Good for Beginners?

Yes, a penny board is good for a beginner who wants to learn how to balance and push themselves along.

The small size of the deck makes it easy to control, and the soft wheels are perfect for cruising around on. Best of all, penny boards are relatively inexpensive, so you won’t have to break the bank to get started.

On the other hand,

If you are a beginner with big feet around 8 to 9, then a penny board may not be a good option for you because a penny does not have enough space for big. 

The deck is only 22 inches long and 6 inches wide, which is why it’s recommended for smaller riders. If you have bigger feet, you might want to look into a different board option.

How to Ride a Penny Board?

Penny boards are a popular mode of transportation, especially among young people. They are small, lightweight, and easy to maneuver, making them a great option for getting around town.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to ride a penny board.

  • Step 1: Choose the right size penny board
  • Step 2: Find the right spot to ride
  • Step 3: Get on your penny board
  • Step 4: Start riding
  • Step 5: Enjoy the ride!

Can Adults Ride a Penny Board?

The Penny Board will be too little for an adult or anyone with feet larger than size 8 or 9. It will be difficult to feel comfortable on a penny board if you are an adult or have larger feet. 

Penny boards have a width of 6 inches and a length of 22 inches, so they aren’t suitable for adults. The wheels are also small. You might be able to ride a penny board if you are a child or have very small feet, but otherwise, it’s not meant for adults.

If you’re looking for a board to ride, you’re better off finding something that’s a little bigger and a little more sturdy.

Are Penny Boards Hard to Ride?

Penny boards are often thought to be hard to ride, but the main reason behind that is actually quite simple.

Penny boards have a very small area to stand on it, and the narrow deck shape makes balancing harder for you. However, once you get the hang of it, riding a penny board can be lots of fun.

For beginners, it is tough to stay on the board for more than a few seconds. And if you are not careful, you can easily fall off and hurt yourself.

Another factor, penny Boards are also hard to ride because they don’t have any grip tape. So, your feet can easily slip off the deck, especially when you are riding on wet or slippery surfaces. 

Additionally, the wheels of Penny Boards are very small, which makes them difficult to control at high speeds.

So, if you are thinking about getting a Penny Board, be prepared for a challenging learning curve.

Is Penny Board Good for Learning Tricks?

Penny boards are a popular type of skateboard, but can you do tricks on a penny board?

Many people believe that penny boards are too small to perform tricks on, but this is not the case.

Penny boards are a great way to learn some basic skateboarding tricks for beginners. With a little practice, you can learn to do basic tricks on your penny board.

So, if you are looking for a board to help you learn some basic skateboarding tricks, then a penny board is a great option. Just keep in mind that they are not meant for doing technical tricks. But for learning some basic tricks, they are perfect.

Can You Ollie on a Penny Board?

You can do an ollie on a penny board, but it will be a little difficult for you because the penny board plastic deck is too short, 22″ in length, and narrow. 

So you’re not going to have a lot of space to pop the ollie. And the penny board deck is made from plastic, so you’ll need to be extra careful not to slip off while you’re trying to land it.

The lack of grip tape also makes it harder to keep your feet in place, and the small size of the board can make it difficult to get the right amount of pop while performing an ollie.

Here are some Easy Penny Board Tricks:

  • Shove it
  • Fakie Kickturn
  • Grind on a Curb
  • Manual 
  • Hippie Jump
  • Frontside carve
  • Hopping curbs
  • Staple Gun
  • Tail Stall
  • Kickflip
  • Power Slides
  • Nose Revert
  • Flip on
  • No Comply
  • Bottom carve
  • Drop
  • Board Slides
  • Fast carving
  • Bean Plant

Penny Board Weight Limit

The maximum weight limit for a penny board is 100kg/220 pounds. This is because the penny board is made of plastic and can only support a certain amount of weight. If you exceed the weight limit, the board may break and you could injure yourself.

Are Penny Boards Worth Buying?

If you’re looking for a fun and convenient way to get around, penny boards are definitely worth buying. 

Penny Boards are a popular choice for beginner skateboarders. They are relatively small and lightweight, making them easy to transport and store. Penny Boards are also less expensive than many other types of skateboards.

Penny Boards are also a great choice if you want to learn the basics of skating. They can help you improve your balance and coordination, and they’re also great for a short distance and pushing around town.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get around town, a Penny Board is a great option.

If you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics of skating, the 27″ Penny Board is a good choice. Their lightweight and soft wheels make them ideal for cruising, which they accomplish extremely well.

Last words on What is a Penny Board

To sum up, A penny board is a small, lightweight skateboard that is perfect for cruising around town. Plus, they are easy to transport and store, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of skating without the hassle of a larger board.

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