What Is The Lightest Skateboard Deck In The World?

It is difficult to determine the exact lightest skateboard deck in the world. As there are many different skateboard deck brands on the market the weight can vary significantly.

According to me,

Powell-Peralta Flight Deck (2.51 pounds) is the best lightweight skateboard deck available on the market today. Not only is it lightweight, but it also offers a great combination of durability and strength that makes it a perfect choice for any skater.

Whether you’re looking to perform advanced technical tricks or simply want a lighter skateboard deck for skating, a Powell-Peralta Flight Deck can be a great choice for both beginner and experienced skateboarders.

The Lightest Skateboard Deck Brands

To help you find the perfect deck to take your skills to the next level, here is a list of the top lightest skateboard decks from lightest to heaviest.

Name of Light Skateboards Deck BrandsWeight In Pounds
Powell Peralta Flight Deck 2.51
Moose Blank Skateboard Deck2.51
Almost Rodney Mullen Uber Deck2.59
Blind Skateboard Deck2.65
JFJ Maple Skateboard Deck2.71
Freedare Blank Skateboard Deck2.84
Baker Skateboard Deck3
Zero Skateboard Deck3
Anti-Hero Skateboard Deck 3
Enjoi Skateboard Deck Wallin Skart3
Powell Peralta Steve Caballero Ban 3.10
Ice Dragon Blank Skateboard Deck3.24
Losenka Maple Skateboard Deck3.50

What makes Powell Peralta’s Flight Deck so Light?

lightest skateboard decks

Skateboarders know that Powell Peralta’s flight deck is something special. Not only does it look great, but it is also a remarkably light skateboard deck.

As you see, the vast majority of skateboard decks are made from seven layers of maple wood.

But the Powell Peralta flight deck is made from 5-ply maple wood with a mixture of triaxial fiberglass layers, Which makes it one of the lightest skateboards on the market.

This combination of materials of this flight deck creates strength without compromising on weight, meaning you can enjoy an ultra-light yet robust ride.

The resin bonding between these layers also increases durability, making it ideal for any level of rider looking for a long-lasting board to take out on their adventures.

Powell Peralta flight deck is available to buy on Amazon. Buy now!

Pros and Cons of a Lightweight Skateboard Decks

Here are some potential pros and cons:


There are several benefits to using a light skateboard deck:

1. Improved Maneuverability:

Light skateboards are a great choice for skaters looking to improve their maneuverability. A lighter skateboard deck is easier to turn and flip, which can make it more enjoyable to ride and easier to perform tricks.

Additionally, lighter boards offer better balance when performing tricks, which means you can land properly without losing your balance or momentum.

2. Tricks are Better with a Lighter Deck

Lighter skateboard decks are ideal for performing tricks because they are lightweight and provide extra maneuverability. With a lighter skateboard deck, you can easily pop the board into the air without having to put in too much effort.

Not only that, but light skateboards also allow you to move around faster while doing tricks.

3. Easier to Carry:

A lighter deck is also easier to carry around, whether you’re walking to a skatepark or just need to carry it with you on public transportation.

4. Improved Responsiveness:

A lighter deck will also be more responsive to your movements, allowing you to feel more connected to your skateboard and giving you a greater sense of control.

5. Reduced Fatigue:

Skateboarding can be physically demanding, especially if you’re riding for extended periods of time. A lighter deck can help reduce tiredness and allow you to ride longer.

6. Best for Beginners

The lightest skateboard deck is an ideal choice for beginner kids and teens who are just starting out in the sport. The lightest skateboard offers a variety of benefits that make it a great option for newbies.

A light skateboard deck provides an enjoyable experience for beginners since it’s simpler to move around.

By being lightweight, beginner skaters don’t have to put in as much effort when pushing or turning their board compared to heavier decks.

This makes the learning process enjoyable rather than tiring. New riders will be able to enjoy skateboarding more and feel less intimidated.

Cons of a Light Skateboard Decks

There are also a few potential drawbacks:

1. More Prone to Breaking or Snapping

A lighter deck may not be as durable as a heavier one, they are more prone to breaking or snapping under the weight and pressure of heavy skaters or when landing hard on the ground.

2. Less Stability:

A lighter deck may not be as stable as a heavier one, which can make it more difficult to ride in certain conditions, such as on rough or uneven surfaces.

Due to their lightweight construction, they tend to shake and wobble more than their heavier counterparts, which makes them harder for beginner riders to control properly.

This can be an issue for skaters who are looking for a more stable ride or who skate at high speeds.

Are Light Skateboards Better?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It all depends on what you mean by “better”.

In general, a light skateboard deck may be more suitable for street skating or skatepark skating, where you need to be able to move quickly and perform tricks.

If you’re looking for a skateboard that is easy to carry and maneuver, then a light skateboard may be a good option for you.

However, lightweight skateboard decks can be less durable than those made from heavier materials and may not perform as well at higher speeds or when hitting large jumps.

On the other hand,

A heavier deck may be more suitable for cruising or commuting, where stability and durability are more important. If you’re planning on doing more intense skating or are concerned about durability, you may want to consider a heavier skateboard deck.

Ultimately, the best skateboard for you will depend on your personal preferences and the type of skating you want to do.

It’s always a good idea to try out a few different skateboards to see which one feels the most comfortable and performs the best for your needs.

What is the Average Life on a Skateboard Deck?

The lifespan of a skateboard deck can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the quality of the deck, the type of skating it is used for, and how well it is maintained.

In general, a high-quality skateboard deck that is used for casual skating and is well-maintained can last for six months to one year.

However, a skateboard deck that is used for more intense skating or is not well-maintained may wear out more quickly and need to be replaced after just a few months of use.

To extend the lifespan of your skateboard deck, it’s important to take good care of it by regularly cleaning and lubricating the bearings, and replacing any damaged or worn parts as needed.

It’s also a good idea to avoid using your skateboard in wet or slippery conditions, as this can cause the deck to wear out more quickly.

Does Skateboard Deck Weight Matter?

Many skaters think that they should focus on finding a light or heavy board, but this is not necessarily true.

Remember, it’s not always about having a light or heavy board. It’s about having a quality board that fits your size and skating style. While deck weight may be important to some skaters, don’t be discouraged if you find yourself riding on a heavier or lighter deck than others.

However, there’s no single “perfect” weight for everyone. What matters the most is finding a board that feels comfortable for you as an individual skater.

The make-up of the deck, such as its width and length, will make a bigger difference when selecting the right skateboard than its weight.

A wider deck provides more stability while a narrower one allows for more maneuverability which can vary depending on the type of tricks you plan to do with your board.

Decks also come in different shapes and materials like wood or plastic which affects their weight but also their performance capabilities.

Is it Better to have a Heavy or Lightest Skateboard Deck?

The weight of a skateboard deck can affect the performance of the skateboard but it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

The best choice for you will depend on your style of skating and what you are looking for in a skateboard deck.

Some skaters may find that a lighter deck works better for their needs, while others may prefer a heavier deck. It’s worth trying out a few different decks to see which one feels the most comfortable and performs the best for you.


In conclusion, the lightest skateboard decks, are those that are made from lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or bamboo and have a slim profile with minimal concave or curvature.

These types of decks can be easier to maneuver and can make it feel like the deck is more responsive, which can be beneficial for certain types of skating.

However, some lighter decks may not always be as durable or stable as heavier decks, and they may not provide as much support or cushion as heavier decks.

Ultimately, the choice of a light or heavy skateboard deck depends on the skater’s preferences and needs.

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