Is Santa Cruz A Good Skateboard Brand? Pros And Cons

Santa Cruz is one of the most iconic and oldest skateboard brands in the skateboarding industry. The company was founded in 1973 by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman in Santa Cruz, and has been a major player in the industry ever since. 

Santa Cruz is a good skateboard brand because they have been in the business for a long time and has a lot of experience. Santa Cruz is truly a skateboarding institution. The company manufacturing the best skateboards and apparel for many years. Among skateboarders, they have also earned a good reputation.

But with so many different brands out there, is Santa Cruz a good skateboard brand for those looking to get into skateboarding? 

In short, yes Santa Cruz is a good option and the company produces high-quality boards that are perfect for both beginners and experienced riders alike. 

Whether you’re looking for your first board or your next big upgrade, Santa Cruz has something that will suit your needs. So if you’re wondering if Santa Cruz is a good skateboard brand, the answer is a resounding yes.

Are Santa Cruz Skateboards Good?

Santa Cruz skateboards are best known for their top quality.

One reason Santa Cruz skateboards are so good is because of their high-quality construction. Santa Cruz only uses the best materials to construct its boards, which results in a durable and long-lasting product. 

In addition, Santa Cruz pays close attention to detail when crafting its boards, ensuring that each one is built to the highest standards.

Another reason Santa Cruz skateboards are so good is because of their innovative graphics. Santa Cruz has always been at the forefront of board design, and its cutting-edge graphics have helped them stand out from the competition.

Decks are made with premium materials, and they use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to ensure that their boards are built to last.

Not only does Santa Cruz make great skateboards, but they also support the skating community in a variety of ways. They sponsor some of the world’s best skaters, and they also host annual events like the Santa Cruz Street Contest.

Are Santa Cruz Skateboards Good for Beginners?

Many professional skateboarders got their start riding Santa Cruz boards.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s a Santa Cruz board that’s perfect for you. Almost every type of skater can find a model that is right for them.

Santa Cruz boards are good for beginners because they are durable and easy to ride. The decks are made of seven-ply maple wood, which makes them sturdy and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

And if you want to take your skating to the next level, Santa Cruz also offers a line of performance boards that will help you push your limits.

No matter what your skill level, Santa Cruz has a skateboard that will help you enjoy the ride.

Whether you want a high-quality beginner skateboard or a high-quality pro skateboard, Santa Cruz is a great option. You can find them online or at your local skate shop.

What Pro Skaters Use Santa Cruz?

Some of the top pros skaters who use Santa Cruz skateboards are following


And many more.

Best Santa Cruz Skateboard Review

Santa Cruz is one of the most trusted names in the skateboarding industry.

For everyone, I have selected the best Santa Cruz skateboard. All types of skateboarding can be done on this skateboard. Let’s take a look

Santa Cruz Skateboards Complete Flame Dot Red

are santa cruz skateboards good

Key Features

  • Deck Width 8.25
  • Deck length 31 inches
  • Trucks 5 inches Aluminum
  • Wheels 52mm (99a)
  • Bearings ABEC-5
  • Weight 4.15 pounds

The Santa Cruz Flam Red Dot is a decent complete skateboard. The board is constructed with high-quality materials like aluminum and the artwork is incredible.

This skateboard is perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. With its smooth ride and great looks, this is a great choice for anyone looking for a complete skateboard.

The Santa Cruz complete skateboard is made from 7-ply maple wood, which is durable. My favorite part of the deck is its design. It’s a cool-looking board and it rides great.

The deck is lightweight, which is a big plus point for those who want to do lots of tricks.

The concave design helps keep your feet locked in place, making it easier to stay balanced while riding. 

The trucks are made from aluminum which is incredibly tough and can take a beating, making them ideal for those who like to go big. You can easily jump down stairs and off of high ledges with no problems at all, and the board has held up perfectly.

The urethane wheels are top-notch and make for a really smooth ride. You will able to hop a curb with no issues and the wheels barely even notice when you hit a pebble.

The bearings are great too. The precision steel ABEC-5 bearings provide a great deal of stability and the smooth rolling makes for a comfortable ride. With this added stability, you’ll be able to skate with more confidence and learn new tricks more quickly.

Overall, I’m really happy with this board and I would definitely recommend this board to anyone who’s looking for a good starter board.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I have briefly answered some of the most commonly asked and most relevant questions.

Are Santa Cruz Decks Strong?

The Santa Cruz skateboard decks are definitely strong. They’re extremely durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They’re also quite light, which makes them easy to carry around with you.

Santa Cruz decks are made from 7-ply maple wood, which makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. In addition, Santa Cruz decks are pressurized twice, which results in a deck that is less likely to warp or break.

With proper care and maintenance, a Santa Cruz deck can easily last for years. So if you’re looking for a high-quality skateboard deck that will withstand the test of time, then Santa Cruz is definitely the way to go.

How Long Does a Santa Cruz Skateboard Last?

A Santa Cruz board can last anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on how you skate. 

If you’re a novice skater who skates occasionally, your board may last for years. However, if you practice frequently and live through many falls and bruises on the board, it will probably only last for a few weeks.

The key to making your Santa Cruz board last longer is to take care of it and perform regular maintenance.

Is Santa Cruz a Popular Brand?

Santa Cruz is one of the most popular skateboard brands in the world and has been featured in many magazines and movies. The brand has also been involved in some of the biggest events in skateboarding history. Santa Cruz has been a staple in the sport of skateboarding for over four decades.

Last words on Is Santa Cruz a good skateboard brand

It is no surprise that Santa Cruz is a trustworthy brand when you are in the market for a new skateboard or if you’re simply starting out. Their products are both cost-effective and high-quality.

Santa Cruz is the top skateboard brand due to its commitment to providing the best accessories and the greatest client service. If you’re looking for a new skateboard, Santa Cruz is a great option.

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