How Tight Should Skateboard Trucks Be? (A Beginner’s Guide)

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How Tight Should Skateboard Trucks Be? Well, the answer depends on your personal preference and how you like to ride your board. Some riders like their trucks looser than others, while some riders prefer them tighter.

The ideal truck tightness is considered to be “medium”. This means that the trucks should not be too loose, as this can cause them to wobble. They also should not be too tight, as this can make turning difficult and can put unnecessary stress on the trucks.

The best way to achieve medium truck tightness is to first tighten the kingpin nut until it is finger-tight, and then use a skate tool to tighten it an additional 1/4 to 1/2 turn.

This article will explain how to tighten and loosen your skateboard trucks and give you guidelines for knowing when to do so. Keep Reading…

Let’s Discuss First Tight vs. Loose Trucks

When it comes to skateboarding, beginners have trouble figuring out what is the right tightness or looseness for their trucks.

There are many opinions out there and it can be challenging to decide. we will try to shed some light on the matter and answer whether tight or loose skateboard trucks are better.

Tight trucks offer more stability and control because they’re less likely to wobble or turn unexpectedly.

Having tight trucks is key to nailing technical tricks ollies, kickflips, etc and they provide better pop and allow you to really get a feel for what your board is doing. Do not tighten them too much, it could burst your bushings at any time.

On the other hand,

Loose trucks give you a better turning and carving experience and provide you with a smooth ride. Loose trucks are easier to turn because they have more play in them.

This also makes them more responsive to your inputs, so you can do tighter turns. Overall, loose trucks will give you a better skating experience. Loose truck adjustments are popular even among professional skateboarders.

As a rider, you have the choice of setting your skateboard trucks to be either tight or loose. Both have their pros and cons, so it really depends on your preferences as to which is best.

How To Tighten The Skateboard Trucks?

This is a pretty simple process, but it’s important to make sure you do it correctly.

The most important thing to remember is that you should always use the appropriate tool for the job.

You will need a skate tool. A skate tool is specifically designed for this purpose and will usually have all the necessary tools built in.

1. Flip the Board and Test the Trucks by Tilting them up and down

The tilting of the wheels depends on how tight the trucks are. Experimenting with the trucks is key to seeing how they tilt. Try moving them up and down, as well as from side to side. Doing this will help you determine how tight or lose the trucks are. If they are too loose, then they will need to be tightened.

2. Use a Skate Tool to Tighten or Loosen the Kingpin Nut

The kingpin nut is the single bolt in the center of the truck that controls the tightness and looseness of the truck. By using a skate tool, you can easily tighten or loosen the trucks as needed.

Just insert the skate tool into the kingpin nut and turn the bolt clockwise. Depending on how tight you want them, you may only need to do a couple of turns. Once you’ve reached the desired level of tightness, stop and enjoy your ride.

If you’re looking for a softer turning feel, then you’ll want to loosen the trucks by turning them counter-clockwise. Be careful not to lose it too much, as this may result in wheel bite or wobbliness.

3. Go out for a Ride to test your Truck’s Setup

When you tighten your trucks, make sure to go out for a ride and test them out before hitting the skate park.

Make sure you try some tricks like ollies and manuals, jumps, and see if it’s better than before. If so, then have a great time riding.

When to Keep your Skateboard Trucks Tight?

When it comes to adjusting your trucks, speed is the most important consideration. The faster you ride, the tighter your trucks should be. This is because tight trucks offer more stability and control at high speeds and fewer speed wobbles.

While riding downhill or hitting up a vert ramp, you might want to think about tightening your skateboard trucks. 

if you’re going over big gaps, it’s important to have tight trucks

As a large person, you should keep your skateboard trucks as tight as possible without bursting the bushings. This will help you avoid wheel bite and wheel burn and maintain control of your board.

Pros Of Tight Skateboard Trucks:

  • Perfect for technical or challenging tricks.
  • More maneuverability.
  • Tight trucks allow for better board control.
  • You can also achieve incredible speeds with them.
  • Easily pop the board into the air.

Cons Of Tight Skateboard Trucks:

  • It takes a little bit longer to get used to them, so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t getting it right away.

When to Keep your Skateboard Trucks Loose?

Whenever you have to press down on the tail of your board when turning, the kingpin nut might need to be loosened.

However, if they’re starting to feel tight, then it’s probably time to loosen the kingpin nut. This will help keep your trucks from getting too tight and making it difficult to turn.

Pros Of Loose Skateboard Trucks:

  • Loose trucks are easier to learn on than tight trucks.
  • They’re best for freeride and downhill skateboarding because of their stability at high speeds.
  • Beginners often find them preferable because they make sharp turns easier.
  • Ideal for cruising and commuting around town. 
  • The ride is smoother and less bumpy with loose trucks.

Cons Of Loose Skateboard Trucks:

  • Loose trucks tend to wobble and can cause instability.
  • More prone to wheel bite.

Can You Over-Tighten Your Skateboard Trucks?

The tightness of your skateboard trucks depends on personal preference. 

Most riders prefer to set their trucks as tight as possible but not so tight that the kingpin falls out or the bushings burst.

You have to be careful when tightening your skateboard trucks. You cannot over-tighten your skateboard trucks. If you over-tighten your trucks, it may be possible your bushings will burst.

Go slow and carefully when tightening your skateboard trucks.

If you tighten them too much, they will start to get harder to turn and will eventually stop turning altogether because the bushings inside have been compressed too far into their seats (or even blown out).

This is a common mistake made by beginners because it is easy to get carried away with how much force you’re applying when tightening down on those bolts!

Should My Skateboard Trucks Be Tight Or Loose?

There’s no honest answer to it. Everyone has their personal preferences.

There are many different riding styles, and the best truck tightness depends on how you ride. A lot of factors go into the right tightness for your skateboard trucks. 

The best way to determine how tight your trucks should be is by trying out a bunch of different settings.

The first thing to do is to sit down and figure out what works for you. What feels comfortable? What is the best truck tightness for your riding style? 

Skate around and try some simple tricks, then make some adjustments and skate again. You’ll find that sweet spot.

Loose trucks are great for skating streets, freestyle, or cruising around. You can turn faster and with more ease. Your board will also be more agile and easier to control.

Tight trucks are better for vert, pools, bowls, and parks. They provide excellent stability and reduce your risk of wiping out. If you want to do tricks and go fast on your board, tight trucks are the way to go.

Wrap-Up On How Tight Should Skateboard Trucks Be

Thank you for reading this article on How Tight Should My Skateboard Trucks Be. If you feel that you have all the information now, then time to put your knowledge into action.

All in all, I hope this article helped you. Feel free to share with your skating buddies as well.

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FAQ On How Tight Should Skateboard Trucks Be

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding tight and loose skateboard trucks:

Q1. How often should I tighten my skateboard trucks?

Ans. It depends on how often you skate and how rough you skate. If you ride every day, you may need to tighten them every two weeks. If you’re a big guy or like to skate, chances are you’re going to have to tighten them more often than lighter skaters.

Q2. Loose or tight trucks for cruising?

Ans. Loose trucks are best for cruising, if you’re just looking to cruise down the boardwalk and feel the wind on your face, loose trucks are more fun to ride.

Q3. Do I need to adjust both trucks?

Ans. Yes, you need to adjust both trucks. You may want to adjust them to different settings if you like other types of turns or set them to the same setting if you want your board to turn the same way no matter which direction you’re going.

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