How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Hold? (Answered)

How much weight can a skateboard hold? Well, it all depends on what deck, wheels, and truck setup you have and how you load your board.

“The weight limit for skateboards is 272.3 pounds. Some boards can hold up to 280 pounds. It all comes down to the quality of the material and the construction of the board”.

Most of the standard skateboards are designed to support the weight of an average adult rider, which is typically between 150 to 200 pounds (68 to 91 kilograms).

If you are concerned about the skateboard weight limit, it’s a good idea to check the manufacturer’s specifications for your specific skateboard model. Some skateboard companies may provide weight limits or guidelines for their products.

How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Hold?

Here is the list of different types of skateboards and their Maximum Weight limits in pounds.

Types Of BoardSkateboard Max Weight Limit
Skateboard272.3 Pounds
Longboard300 Pounds
Penny Board220 Pounds
Electric Skateboard330 Pounds
Skateboard weight limit table

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How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Wheel Hold?

Skateboard weight limit

Generally, good-quality skateboard wheels can hold up to 280 lbs and above.

The quality of a skateboard wheel can make a significant difference to the overall ride.

Quality skateboard wheels affect your ride and the safety of your board as well. A high-quality wheel will not brake, will not fall, will not crack, and will not deform.

The weight limit on skateboard wheels depends on their diameter and material.

Large diameters and soft materials are the best for stability, but small wheels and harder materials are better for tricks.

The bigger the wheel, the more weight it can hold.

However, if you want to buy a wheel with a diameter of 52mm to 54mm, it can easily hold 150-200 lbs. This is the most common size and can be used by most people without any problems.

The material also impacts how much weight the wheel can hold. 

Cheap skateboard wheels often don’t provide the grip required for riding, which means the board cannot handle the rider’s weight. 

Does Weight Matter When Skateboarding?

Is skateboarding a sport for skinny guys? The short answer is no, but does weight matter when skateboarding?

The answer is yes. It does matter, but it’s not as simple as you think.

Let me expand on that.

Bodyweight affects everything you do on a skateboard, your ability to turn, push, jump, stop, etc.

The more you weigh, the harder it is for you to do tricks or even flip your board. 

This is because you need a certain amount of force to rotate your body in the air to land a trick. 

The heavier you are, the more force you need to be able to pull off a specific trick or flip. 

If you are on the heavier side and want to learn a new trick, I recommend starting small and working your way up as you get better at it.

Generally, heavy skaters will be faster on long hills, but they are more likely to fall and be injured. Injuries are something every skateboarder hopes to avoid.

The good part for heavy skateboarders is that they will lose some weight by riding regularly. 

On the other hand 

A skinny person is more flexible, more balanced, and has an easier time moving around.

It will also be easier for skinny people to perform tricks that require less momentum.

Can A Fat Person Ride A Skateboard?

Yes, a fat person can ride a skateboard. Most fat guys who are in love with skating get discouraged too quickly, primarily because of their weight.

weight limit for skateboards

Sure, some people say it is impossible to ride a skateboard as a fat guy, but they just don’t know the tricks. 

The first thing to know is that skating does not have any weight limitation. No rules say how heavy or light one should be for skating.

It’s just about how much fun you want and how big your goal is. 

A Little Story Of My Friend

A friend of mine has been overweight his whole life, and one day he asked me the same question.

He was getting ready to give up on another birthday present promise. 

I went through my Facebook contacts and found an electric longboard manufacturer based in China (Longrunboards).

I researched and found out that fat people can ride even electric skateboards now. 

So he got a new board and learned how to use it quickly. Now his childhood dream has come true – he can get around town riding his skateboard and feel young again.

Things To Consider When Buying a Skateboard For Fat Guys

Here are some guidelines that will help you choose your skateboards correctly for the fat guys.

Also, in my other article, I discuss the skateboards for heavy riders, so you can decide which one is right for you. 

It would be best to consider the deck, trucks, and wheels. There are two main things to consider when purchasing a skateboard for fat guys:

First Is the Quality Deck:

There are several things to consider when buying a skateboard for fat guys, including the size of the deck and board and its overall weight capacity.

Remember that if you are heavier than 180 pounds, a smaller deck will not work for you. Instead, it would be better to choose wider decks in order to accommodate your weight. 

When you’re choosing your board, go for one that has a width of 8.25 inches or more; this way, you can be sure that it will not break apart due to your weight.

Also Read: Best Wood For A Skateboard Deck (Ultimate Guide)

If you’re interested in skateboarding I’m sure you can’t miss custom pins that can be designed by yourself. You can create with your favorite elements as pins to pin on your clothes, hats, and bags to make you look more sparkling and full of vitality, and will add a touch of glamor to your outfit.

how much weight can skateboard hold

Custom pins are perfect for skateboarding enthusiasts and friends as the perfect gift for birthdays, parties, and Christmas.

The second Is Quality Wheels:

You need bigger wheels to get you rolling fast enough when riding, especially if you go down hills or ride at very high speed. 

For the tall, heavy dudes out there who love to skate and hate having their wheels get easily dented or bent on hard surfaces, you’ll definitely want to get some high-quality, hard wheels that are still durable enough for daily use.

Spitfire Classics and Spitfire Full Conicals are excellent if you want excellent performance in parks, bowls, and streets, as long as you get the 99A wheels.

Third Is Quality Trucks:

If you are a heavy rider, quality skateboard trucks are important. cheap trucks will not last very long and will bend or break under your weight. Most companies make skateboard trucks for different weight ranges and it is important to get one that can handle your weight.

So always go with well-known brands like Independent, Venture, Thunder, Grind King, and Tensor.

If you are a heavy rider, consider hard skateboard bushings. They will give you more control and stability.

The Importance Of Deck Width (For Heavy Skaters)

The skateboard deck is the centerpiece of the skateboard and is the most essential component.  

If you’re a heavy rider, it’s important to make sure your board has the correct width for you.

The deck size range for skateboards is usually from 7 to 10 inches,

8.25 inches deck width is considered the best width for heavier skaters or larger people because this deck size will give you plenty of room to maneuver your feet while also providing enough support and stability to keep you from falling over.


The downside of a wider skateboard deck is that doing tricks becomes more of a challenge. 

This is because the wider the skateboard deck, the more force is required to push or roll the board.

Wrap-Up On How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Hold

I hope this article gives you a good idea of what is the weight limit for skateboards.

The maximum skateboard weight limit is 220 pounds. However, there are no hard-and-fast rules. It’s all up to the individual. Go for it, Keep making those epic skateboard tricks and chasing your dreams.

Generally, heavier skateboards are made from more durable wood and can thus hold more weight. 

They might have stronger wheels as well. Also, you’ll have greater stability on a wider skateboard – generally between 8″ and 8.5″ wide deck, which can help support your weight.

FAQ on How much weight can skateboard hold

Here, I have briefly answered some of the most commonly asked and most relevant questions.

Q1. Can I learn to skateboard at 30?

Ans. Of course, you can learn how to skateboard at 30, If you’re interested in learning how to skateboard. The best thing about skateboarding is that it’s a sport that is accessible to anyone and everyone.

Q2. Can skateboards hold 300 pounds?

Ans. Yes, You can skate at 300 pounds. You need to make sure that you’re using a board with trucks, deck, wheels, and bearings, that are rated for your weight.

Q3. How much force does it take to break a skateboard?

Ans. First, it depends on the construction of the skateboard. Roughly speaking, a more flexible skateboard will break with less force than a stiffer one.

Q4. The average weight of a skateboard deck?

Ans. The average weight of a skateboard deck is between 2 pounds and 5 pounds.

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