Can You Put Longboard Wheels On Skateboard? (Answered)

If you’re a skateboarder, you may have thought about attaching longboard wheels to your skateboard. But does it work? 

Yes, you can use a longboard wheel on a skateboard if its wheels are smaller than 70mm. I recommend choosing under 66mm for more comfort.  It is important to attach 1/2″ riser pads and 1 1/2″ bolts to maintain sufficient clearance between the wheels and deck.

Longboard wheels can give your skateboard a different feel. They’re great for cruising and carving, but they can also make your board faster and more agile. If you’re looking to add some new flavor to your skating, longboard wheels are definitely worth a try.

In this blog post, I will review the entire setup of a skateboard with longboard wheels, make sure you read thoroughly so that you understand everything clearly.

Longboard Wheels on Skateboard? Does it Work?

There are a few things you should know before you try it. First, the size of the longboard wheels may not fit your skateboard deck. You may need to make some adjustments to make them fit.

As you already know, longboard wheels are larger in diameter than skateboard wheels. When you put them on your skateboard, they will sit extremely close to skateboard decks and there is not much room for wheels to roll freely.

In this case, When you turn side by side, you will face the issue of wheel bite. 

Wheel bite occurs when your wheels make contact with the deck of your skateboard. This can happen if you’re going too fast or if you make a sharp turn. Wheel bite can cause you to lose control of your skateboard and can lead to serious injury.

So how do you avoid wheel bite? Here you need a set of riser pads.

Importance of Adding Riser Pads

For wheel bite prevention, you’ll need half-inch riser pads no matter what the size of the longboard wheels is.

Get 1/2″ riser pads and a pack of eight 1 1/2″ bolts, Now attach them between your deck and trucks.

Adding a riser pad to your board will allow it to have a safe distance between the wheels and the deck. Experiment with standing on the board and leaning forward and back. Push yourself a little bit and try to turn. In case the wheel rubs against the deck, tighten the trucks and try again.

How To Put Longboard Wheels On Skateboard?

You will need the following tools and hardware to install longboard wheels on your regular skateboard:

  • Longboard wheels (Idear under 66mm)
  • Bearings
  • A Skate Tool
  • Riser Pads 1/2″ 
  • Skateboard Hardware 1 1/2″ (bolts)

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The process is pretty simple:

Step 1: Remove Trucks From Your Skateboard:

The first thing that you need to do is remove your existing trucks from the skateboard. This is easy enough to do by taking a pair of pliers and gripping the nut inside of the truck. Simply turn this until it comes off and then pull it out completely.

Step 2: Replacement Of Bolts With 1 1/2″:

The next step is to replace your old hardware with new hardware that will fit onto the longboard wheels. This means replacing your regular nuts with ones that are about 1 1/2″ long.

Step 3: Adding 1/2″ Riser Pad:

Place a 1/2″ riser pad between the truck baseplate and deck. This will help prevent damage from happening to your deck as well as make it easier for your new wheels to turn freely on your board without getting stuck in one spot all day long.

Step 4: Installation Of The Truck Over The Riser Pad:

Install your trucks over the riser pad and then tighten down the bolts using an Allen key or wrench, depending on what kind of trucks you have (typically, they come with an Allen wrench inside of them).

Step 5: Install Bearings Inside Longboard Wheels:

After installing the trucks and riser pad, now install the bearing into your longboard wheels.

Step 6: Mount Your Wheels On The Trucks:

Set your wheels onto the axles and tighten them down until they’re secure and don’t move around much anymore (but not so tight that they break).

Step 7: Testing Your setup:

Now you are ready to test out your setup and see if everything is working just fine.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Putting Longboard Wheels on Skateboard:

Here are some pros and cons you may not have considered about this type of setup.

Pros of Longboard Wheels On Skateboard

  • 1. Longboard wheels are the best for cruising.
  • 2. Longboard wheels are best for rough roads.
  • 3. Make your board roll faster.
  • 4. Longboard wheels will give you better grip and stability.

Cons of Longboard Wheels On Skateboard

  • 1. You may face Wheel Bite.
  • 2. It’s harder to perform tricks.

Can You Do Tricks On A Regular Skateboard With Longboard Wheels?

Can You Do Tricks On A Regular Skateboard With Longboard Wheels?

Yes, You can do basic tricks on your Skateboard with bigger Longboard Wheels, but it’s harder than doing the same tricks with a regular skateboard wheel. Longboard wheels are more soft and bouncy than regular skateboard wheels, which makes them unstable when landing tricks.

You’ll probably have more trouble doing flips, ollies, and other tricks that require you to be able to pop the board off the ground. However, you can still do some basic grinds and slides.

Difference Between Skateboard Wheels And Longboard Wheels?

Skateboard wheels and longboard wheels are different in many ways. Here is a list of the difference between skateboard wheels and longboard wheels:

Skateboard wheels are typically 48mm to 60mm in diameter, while Longboard wheels generally are 60mm to 75mm in diameter,

Skateboards usually come with small and hard wheels, while longboards come with big and soft wheels.

Skateboard wheels are helpful for tricks and stunts because they allow you to spin more quickly and easily. On the other hand, longboard wheels are much larger than skateboard wheels and provide a smoother ride. They’re also better at absorbing bumps and cracks in the road.

Wrap up on Can You Put Longboard Wheels On Skateboard?

In the end, it depends on the type of skateboard you own.

We believe that the best choice for your needs will be whichever option you feel most comfortable with.

Remember, if you are new to skateboarding, it’s always best to ask someone in your skate crew who’s been skating a long time before making a decision like this.

FAQ on Skateboard with Longboard wheels

Here are some FAQ

Q1. Do any wheels fit on a skateboard?

Ans: It depends on your board size, trucks, and the wheels you choose. Wheels come in all different sizes, shapes, and materials. So it’s important to find out what fits your skateboard best.

Q2. Can I change the wheels on my skateboard?

Ans: Yes you can. Changing your wheels is one of the easiest ways to change the feel of your skateboard. You can change them based on how you want to ride, or what kind of terrain you want to ride on.

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