Can You Put Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard? Is It possible?

Longboard trucks differ from regular skateboard trucks, in terms of size, weight, and wheelbase length. Some skateboarders might want to know if they can put longboard trucks on a skateboard.

Technically, you can put longboard trucks on a skateboard and turn your regular skateboard into a cruiser board for an entirely new riding experience.

With this combination, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds, the stability of a longboard with the maneuverability of a skateboard. However, doing so has some limitations as well.

Before we get started, let’s discuss what you need to consider.

Check Compatibility Before Putting Longboard Trucks On Skateboard

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you start replacing your skateboard truck with a longboard truck:

  • 1. The first thing to consider is the width of your skateboard deck. Because the average Longboard truck’s size is about 180mm, so they won’t fit on all skateboard decks. You’ll need a deck that’s at least 8.25 inches wide to accommodate longboard trucks.
  • 2. Next, take a look at the axle length. Most longboard trucks have longer axles than skateboard trucks, make sure the axle length is appropriate for your skateboard.
  • 3. Stronger and harder bushings are necessary for your longboard trucks. You can use medium or hard bushings.
  • 4. Also consider how you plan to use the Skateboard. Longboard trucks are designed for cruising and carving, while Skateboard trucks are designed for tricks and street riding. If you plan to do more aggressive riding, Skateboard trucks may be a better option.
  • 5. Make sure that you are comfortable with using longboard trucks on a Skateboard before attempting any tricks or high-speed riding.

What do you Need to Put Longboard Trucks on Skateboard?

In order to attach longboard trucks to a skateboard deck, one must first gather the necessary materials.

  • A pair of longboard trucks 
  • Longboard Wheels (x4)
  • Riser pads (18 to 14 inches)
  • A skate tool or socket wrench set
  • Hardware For Skateboard (1” with ⅛” risers or 1 ⅛” with ¼” risers)
  • A power drill for making holes
  • Grip Tape
  • Wood Sander

How To Put Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard (Step-By-Step Guide)

longboard trucks on skateboard

Well, it’s pretty easy to put longboard trucks on a skateboard, and it’s a great way to make your skateboard more versatile. Here’s how to do it:

Important Note:- To put a Longboard truck on the skateboard, make sure that your truck mount holes line up with the old holes on your skateboard. If the holes don’t align, you’ll have to make new holes with a drill. To do this you can mark where to drill them with a pencil or sharpie.  

First, you’ll need to remove the existing trucks from your skateboard. To do this, simply unscrew the bolts that are holding them in place. Make sure to keep all of the screws for later.

Next, take your longboard trucks and line them up with the holes on your skateboard deck. Once you have them in place, screw in the bolts to secure them.

Make sure you fill the holes, which you can do with wood glue and sawdust.

Ensure that the trucks are facing the right way. Because on longboards, the kingpin nut is facing outward (reverse kingpin truck), while on skateboards, they are inward-facing (traditional kingpin trucks). Attention is important here.

After attaching trucks, you can now connect your favorite cruiser or longboard soft wheels to the board.

It is natural for the large wheels to hang over the edge of the board. In this case, a wheel bite may occur.

Wheel bite occurs when your skateboard is turning sharply, and the edge of the wheel touches the skateboard’s deck.

To avoid wheel bite, you need to add riser pads (¼-inch riser pads recommended) to the underside of your board, which will raise your board slightly above the wheels.

After installing your longboard trucks on your skateboard, it is time to test it out. Go for a ride around your neighborhood to see how it feels.

Make sure to take some tight turns and go over some bumps to see how the trucks handle.

Enjoy your happy ride.

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Why You Might Want to Put Longboard Trucks on Skateboard?

If you’re looking to add more stability and a smoother ride to your skateboard, you might want to consider adding longboard trucks and longboard wheels.

Longboard trucks are wider and have a lower center of gravity than traditional skateboard trucks, which can make them ideal for beginners or anyone looking for an easier ride. 

You’ll also get a smoother ride thanks to the longboard trucks and softer wheels, which can help absorb bumps in the road.

Benefits (pros) Of using Longboard Trucks On Your Skateboard

Here are the benefits

1. Stability

Longboard trucks offer more stability and smooth ride than other types of trucks. This is because they have a wider axle and a longer wheelbase.

This makes them ideal for high-speed riding and downhill riding. They also provide more control when making sharp turns.

2. Ideal for Commuting

Longboard trucks make commuting much easier. Longboard trucks are designed for stability and speed, making them ideal for getting around town quickly and efficiently.

They also provide a smoother ride, which is important for those who are looking to get from point A to point B without any bumps or bruises.

3. Easy To Turn

Longboard trucks have a lower center of gravity than standard skateboards, which makes them easier to turn.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their turning ability or anyone who simply wants an easier time maneuvering their skateboard.

4. You can perform longboard ricks.

The drawback of Putting Longboard Trucks on skateboards

Here is

 1. Difficult to perform traditional skateboard tricks

The first drawback of longboard trucks is that they make it difficult to do skateboard tricks. If you’re used to riding a traditional skateboard, you may not be able to do some of the tricks like ollie or flip tricks, you’re used to with a skateboard. 

2. Higher risk of Wheels Bite

When it comes to longboard trucks, there is one major drawback that can really put a damper on your skating experience wheel bite. 

Wheel bite occurs when the wheels of your skateboard come in contact with the deck of the board, and While you are turning, your board can be slowed down or thrown you off entirely by it.

A wheel bite can actually be quite dangerous and is something that you should try to avoid if at all possible.

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Difference Between Longboard Trucks And Skateboard Trucks?

Longboard vs skateboard trucks are essentially the same things, but there is a slight difference. 

Longboard trucks are made to be a little bit wider than skateboard trucks, which contributes to the stability of longboarding.

Longboard trucks are usually designed to be used in conjunction with reverse kingpin (RKP) decks, while skateboard trucks can be used with either RKP or traditional kingpin (TKP) decks.

Some people choose to replace their skateboard trucks with longboard trucks to gain more control while they ride and make their ride smoother.

Watch the following video to help you understand the difference between longboard trucks and skateboard trucks.

Wrap Up

Lastly, I would say that Yes you can put longboard trucks on a skateboard. This will give the skateboard more stability and make it easier to turn.

However, it is important to consider the size of the trucks in relation to the size of the deck. It is also necessary to make sure that the trucks are compatible with the wheels.

Overall, putting longboard trucks on a skateboard can be done, but it is important to be aware of the potential consequences.

Make sure to use appropriate hardware and adjust your settings according to the new truck size. Experiment with your setup to find what works best for you.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed it 

FAQ On Can you use Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard with Normal Wheels

Here are some faq

Q1. Are skateboard and longboard trucks the same?

Ans: Skateboard and longboard trucks are not the same. Skateboard trucks are light, small, and stiff, while longboard trucks are big, and heavy about 150mm to 180mm wider with reversed kingpins nut.

Q2. Do all longboard trucks fit all decks?

Ans: Well, not exactly. Longboard decks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A longboard truck will technically fit any longboard deck, but not on all decks.

Q3. Can you put longboard trucks on a cruiser board?

Ans: Yes, you can put longboard trucks on a cruiser. Longboard trucks can work with cruisers but only if the board is big enough.

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