Can You Do Tricks On A Cruiser Skateboard? Is It Possible?

Yes, it is possible to do tricks on a cruiser skateboard. Cruiser boards are designed for cruising and commuting, but with some practice and skill, it is possible to perform a variety of tricks on them. 

Some examples of tricks that can be done on a cruiser skateboard include ollies, shuvits, 180s, and kickflips.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that cruiser skateboards are not specifically designed for doing tricks and may not be as responsive as skateboards that are specifically made for tricks. 

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What Is A Cruiser Board? What are They Good for?

Cruiser boards are a type of longboard that’s perfect for short distances and cruising around town. A Cruiser board is longer than a skateboard but shorter than a longboard.

Cruisers are long and wide, which makes them stable and easier to ride than narrower decks. They with big and soft wheels, which makes them perfect for cruising around town and going from place to place. They also come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that fits your style and personality.

A cruiser board will probably be your best bet if you’re looking for something easy to ride and comfortable to stand on.

Cruiser skateboards are also easy to learn and great for beginners or anyone who wants to ride something fast without worrying about learning how to do tricks and such.

Why is doing Tricks on a Cruiser Board so Challenging?

There are a few reasons

1. The first reason is cruiser skateboards are designed for cruising and commuting, and they are not optimized for doing tricks. As a result, they may not be as responsive or as stable as skateboards that are specifically designed for trick riding.

2. The second one is, cruiser boards have softer wheels, which can make them less stable and less responsive when attempting tricks. Harder wheels are generally more suitable for trick riding because they offer more grip and control.

3. Third, cruiser skateboards are generally heavier than other types of skateboards, which can make them harder to maneuver and less responsive when attempting tricks.

What Kind of Tricks Can You do on a Cruiser?

The following are easy tricks to do on a cruiser board.

15 Cruiser Board Tricks

  • 1. Ollie
  • 2. Board Slide
  • 3. Powerslide
  • 4. Flip On
  • 5. Hippie Jumps
  • 6. Nose Revert
  • 7.180 Body Varial
  • 8. Staple Gun
  • 9. Shuv-it
  • 10. Front Shuv-it
  • 11. Nollie Shuvit
  • 12. Nollie Front Shuv-it
  • 13. Fakie Kickturn
  • 14. Manuals
  • 15. Bean Plant

How hard is it to do Tricks on a Cruiser?

Tricks on a cruiser board can be quite challenging. That being said, the difficulty of doing tricks will vary depending on your skill level and the specific trick you are attempting. 

Some tricks may be easier to perform on a cruiser skateboard than others. With practice and determination, it is possible to improve your trick-riding skills on a cruiser skateboard.

However, it may be more difficult to do tricks on a cruiser skateboard as compared to a skateboard that is specifically designed for trick riding.

Can You Do Skateboard Tricks On A Cruiser?

Skateboard tricks are a bit different for a cruiser board. Cruiser boards have a wider and longer deck and big soft and bouncy wheels than a standard skateboard. 

Many cruisers have a kicktail, and many don’t. Cruiser boards are also heavier than standard skateboards and are not specifically designed for tricks like skateboarding.

If you want to do tricks on your cruiser, you probably want to do some easy stuff like pop shuvits, manual, and maybe some simple flips. 

Some people might be able to do ollies or kickflips, but that is really pushing it and requires a lot of skill.

If you have never tried skateboarding before, I would recommend getting an entry-level cruiser board first to learn how to balance yourself on the board without having any major falls. 

Once you get more comfortable with it, then you can try doing skateboard tricks on your cruiser board.

Are Cruiser Skateboards Good for Tricks?

The short answer is no, not really. Cruiser boards are great if you’re looking to cruise around town or ride through the park, but they aren’t designed with tricks in mind. Cruiser boards don’t have all the features needed to do tricks like more traditional skateboards. 

Difference Between A Cruiser Board Or Skateboard And A Longboard?

The basic difference between longboards, cruisers, and skateboards is the length of the board.

Skateboard: A skateboard is usually shorter than a cruiser board, with a hard and smaller wheelbase, and is specifically designed for tricks. This makes it easier to pull off tricks in your backyard or at the skatepark.

Cruiser: Cruiser boards are designed for short distances and are perfect for beginners. A cruiser board is a shorter version of the longboard but larger than normal skateboards and has soft and bigger wheels, which make them more stable. Also, you can perform some simple tricks.

Longboard: Longboards are designed for cruising over long distances at high speeds. They’re typically larger than both cruiser boards and skateboards (between 36″ – 50″). 

Is It Possible To Perform Tricks With A Cruiser Board?

Can You Do Tricks On A Cruiser

The cruiser boards are not specifically designed for tricks. However, you can still perform some basic tricks like Ollie, Board Slide, Powerslide, Flip On, and Hippie Jump on a cruiser board.

It’s difficult to perform tricks on a cruiser board because the cruiser board is heavy and has big soft wheels, which is not ideal for tricks.

Cruiser boards are designed for cruising around the city with ease and comfort. It’s a great choice if you want to go from point A to point B with style and grace.

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Are Cruiser Boards Easier To Ride Than Skateboards?

The short answer is yes. Cruisers are easier to ride than skateboards.

Cruiser boards are super easy to ride and perfect for beginners who are just starting out with this sport. 

Cruiser boards are great for cruising around town or going over rough terrain because they’re sturdy and can handle bumps better than smaller skateboards.

On the other hand,

Skateboards require more skill and balance to control than cruiser boards. They also need more practice to master the tricks that will make them look like the coolest kid on the block.

But if you’re looking for a way to get into the sport without feeling overwhelmed by all of those complex moves? Try a cruiser board.

Wrap-Up On Can You Do Tricks On A Cruiser Skateboard:

To sum up, Yes you can do almost any trick that you can do on a normal skateboard, you just might have to work a bit harder if you are a beginner.

Cruiser boards are great for cruising around and relaxing, but not so much for technical tricks and maneuvers. Still, there are certain tricks that you can do on a cruiser board, but it will be harder and require a lot of practice to do.

I hope you find the information useful.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can you do Tricks on a Cruiser Board

Here are some FAQs to read:

Q1. Can you do tricks on a skateboard with cruiser wheels?

Ans: The answer is yes. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, and it’s not the same as doing tricks on a normal skateboard because cruiser wheels are big, soft, and bouncy, which makes it difficult for tricks.

Q2. Can you use a skateboard for cruising?

Ans: Yes, You can cruise on a skateboard. But it’s important to note that not all skateboards are made for cruising. You’ll need to get a cruiser-style board, which is longer and has a wider deck than a standard skateboard.

Q3. Can you do an ollie on a cruiser?

Ans: Yes, you can do an ollie on a cruiser board. But it may be unstable because the cruiser’s board has big soft, bouncy wheels, which makes them unstable when you land while doing an ollie.

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