Best Skateboards For Heavy Riders Or Big Guys

Skateboarding is an activity that is enjoyed by people of all shapes and sizes. For those who are heavier riders, finding the right skateboard can be tricky.

I understand the unique needs and challenges that heavy riders face when it comes to finding the right board. To make your choice easier, I have compiled a list of the best skateboards for heavy riders.

In this article, I will be reviewing different models of skateboards and discussing their features, pros, and cons, as well as how they can benefit heavier riders.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, this article is sure to have something for you. Keep Reading

Best Skateboards for Heavy Riders (Top Picks)

These are our top recommended skateboards for heavy riders. But how do these skateboards perform in real life? Read further, as we covered all these boards in detail.

skateboard for 250 lbs

1. Beleev Complete Skateboard

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skateboard for 300 lbs

2. Landyachtz Dinghy Complete Skateboard

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skateboard for plus size

3. Fish 41″ (Best Skateboard for 300 Pounds)

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skateboard for 400 lbs

4. MINORITY 32-inch Maple Skateboard

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skateboard 200+ lbs

5. Seething Skateboard for Big Guy

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big skateboard

6. POSITIV Heavy Rider Skateboard

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(Review) Best Skateboard for Heavy Riders

Skateboard buying can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for, so this article will provide an easy-to-follow guide for purchasing the perfect board.

We’ll discuss everything from size, shape, and construction to help you get the most out of your ride.

1. Beleev Skateboard (Best and Affordable)

Best overall

best skateboard for heavy riders

7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Deck | All-in-One Skate T-Tool

Key Features

The deck length is 31 inches, width is 8 inches.

Weight capacity 220 pounds.

Anti-slippery 55mm 95A High-Rebound PU wheels

5″ Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloy Trucks.

High-Speed ABEC-7 Precision Bearings.

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This Beleev Skateboard is designed with durability at its core. The 10 mm thickness of the deck and 7-layer Canadian maple wood construction of the Beleev Skateboard make it sturdy enough to withstand any kind of tricks.

The 31-inch length and 8.0” inch-wide deck of the Beleev skateboard give you plenty of space for your feet, so you can skate comfortably and achieve maximum stability with every ride. This skateboard allows you more diverse tricks and maneuvers. 

Its 55mm, 95a wheels are specifically designed with high durability and offer maximum grip on all surfaces.

The best thing about this skateboard is its non-slip skateboard wheels, which provide excellent grip in all kinds of terrain, so you can feel secure when riding around town or to school. 

With Beleev Skateboards, you can hit ramps and jumps with confidence thanks to the durable 5-inch aluminum trucks. Their heavy-duty steel kingpins will keep you rolling for miles without compromising on performance.

This skateboard is perfect for heavy riders. Its high-quality deck and 7-ply construction make it highly reliable and durable.

Plus its ABEC 7 bearings provide an ultra-smooth ride every time. This stylish skateboard has everything you need to hit up the streets in style.


  • 1. Non-slippery wheels.
  • 2. Heavy-duty trucks.
  • 3. Waterproof grip tape.
  • 4. Easy to transport.


  • 1. The T-tool was not included.

2. Landyachtz (Heavy Duty Skateboard)

Also best

Best skateboards for big guys

Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete Skateboard

Key Features

The deck length is 28 inches, width is 8 inches.

Comes with Polar Bear 130mm trucks.

54mm and 78a wheels.

Just 2.5 kg of weight.

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The Landyachtz Dinghy complete Skateboard was designed with quality in mind. Created by one of the most respected skateboard brands on the market. I am really impressed with the quality.

The high-caliber 7-Ply Maple wood deck gives you superior sturdiness and reliability allowing you to perform on any terrain. The board is strong enough to hold heavy weights without buckling, making it perfect for bigger skate enthusiasts 

With just 2.5 kg of weight, you won’t have to worry about lugging around something too heavy on your daily skateboard adventures.

You can pull off any trick with ease. The tail of this deck is designed to give you plenty of pop, so you can perform ollie and flip tricks easily.

The Skateboard is perfect for a beginner or pro skater who wants to master the art of flipping. With its compact size, flexible deck, and precision slide bearings, this board makes pulling off flip tricks quick and easy. 

Its soft 78A wheels are grippy, enabling smooth transitions and easier grinding while skateboarding.

Its agility on and off surfaces gives it an incredible advantage for grinding all surfaces from skateparks to the street.


  • 1. Great for all flip tricks.
  • 2. Superior deck quality (7-ply maple)
  • 3. Eye-catching graphics and design.
  • 4. Portable and convenient.


  • 1. For heavy riders, the only downside is the deck length which is 28 inches long.

3. Fish Skateboard (Best Skateboard for 300 Pounds)


Best skateboard for fat guys

High density 8 layers | Grade A Canadian maple wood

Key Features

The deck length is 41 inches, width is 9.5 inches.

The wheel’s size is 70mm, with 95a hardness.

7” inches Aluminum Alloy.

Abec-9 Chrome steel.

Headline 5

Check on Amazon

This fish skateboard is composed of the highest grade 8-layer Canadian maple wood, allowing for superior traction and excellent maneuverability making it perfect for everyday use.

Its ability to hold up to 330 pounds, makes it suitable for even adults who are looking for that extra thrill with their skateboarding experience.

Their artisan drop-style design gives this board an extra boost of speed over traditional longboards and ensures riders can get to where they want to go quickly and in style. 

Plus, their reviews are superb whether you prefer cruising around town or shredding down steep hills, you’ll be sure to have the perfect board that fits your needs.

The best part about Fish Skateboard is, that you don’t have to worry about purchasing a special tool for your skateboard maintenance.

Fish skateboards come with an all-in-one skate T-Tool, making assembly and repair a total breeze.

All in all, this longboard skateboard for heavy riders is a decent choice for this price, providing solid performance without breaking your budget.


  • 1. Sturdy deck with 9-ply maple wood.
  • 2. Comes with all skate t-tools.
  • 3. Affordable.
  • 4. Ideal for heavy riders with 330 lbs load capacity.


  • 1. In the beginning, it was a little stiff.
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4. MINORITY Maple Skateboard


skateboard for heavy riders

Trick Skateboard for Beginners, Intermediate, and Pros

Key Features

The deck length is 32 inches, width is 8 inches.

The wheels’ size is 52mm, 78a hard.

5” inches Aluminum Alloy.

ABEC-9 precision bearings.

Load capacity 200 pounds.

Check on Amazon

Minority 32-inch skateboard is the Best complete skateboard for heavy riders.

The Minority skateboard is designed for all skill levels with its special flex-response design that allows you to carve and turn without compromising stability.

This board performs exceptionally well whether it’s a pool, ramp, or street. Due to its ideal size and shape,  you’ll have superior traction and control over every surface.

The innovative digital print graphics on the bottom of the deck offer an extra layer of character and expression to complete your look.

Plus, it offers a unique design element not found in other skateboards so you know you’ll always stand out from the crowd.

This skateboard is constructed with 7-ply hard rock maple wood, making it extremely durable and reliable. It also has a weight capacity of 224 lbs, giving you more freedom when skating.

The 8-inch Mediate concave deck of MINORITY Skateboard allows you to perform tricks with ease.

The trucks are super solid and lightweight for your convenience. With this 5-inch kingpin truck design, you won’t have to worry about breaking or bending during intense skateboarding stunts or tricks.


  • 1. Best entry-level skateboard.
  • 2. Hight High-resolution digital print graphic.
  • 3. Affordable.
  • 4. Quality Grip.
  • 5. tons of design variations.


  • 1. Screws are not always well-fitted.

5. Seething Complete Skateboard (Best Skateboard for Heavyweight Riders)


skateboard for big guys

9 layers of Canadian maple  Longboard Skateboard 

Key Features

The deck length is 42 inches, width is 10 inches.

The wheels’ size is 70mm, 80a hard.

7” inches Aluminum Alloy.

Abec-11 bearings.

Weight capacity 330 pounds.

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The Seething Complete Skateboard is crafted with 9 layers of Canadian maple with a deck length of 42 inches long and a width of 10 inches, which guarantees maximum durability. This is the best skateboard for big guys.

This Seething Complete Skateboard provides the strength to handle heavy weight, with a capacity of up to 330 lbs. This makes it the ideal choice for bigger skaters who want something durable and reliable.

Its slim shape makes this board remarkably light and nimble, making it easy to control while carving or grinding rails.

Its 7-inch aluminum trucks, provide you with the utmost comfort while skateboarding. The larger size of these trucks makes them more forgiving when landing tricks.

The Wheels are designed for a smooth and consistent ride thanks to their 95a PU-casted rollers.

These skateboard wheels are perfect for the adventurous rider, offering the versatility and speed to handle any terrain. The extra-large grips provide strong traction on slippery surfaces.

Overall, this skateboard is a great choice for those with big feet.

Its extra width allows riders to maintain balance and perform tricks easier with its wider stance, giving you an unprecedented level of confidence and control during your rides. It also has a wide wheelbase that distributes impacts over a bigger area.


  • 1. 9-layer Canadian maple deck.
  • 2. 330 lbs Weight capacity.
  • 3. Suitable for all surfaces like parks, ramps, pools, and smooth or rough ground also.
  • 4. No assembly is required.


  • 1. Overall good board with no cons I find.

6. POSITIV Complete Skateboard

Runner up

skateboard for heavy guy

POSITIV Andy Macdonald Digital Series Complete Skateboard 

Key Features

The deck length is 32.13 inches, width is 8 inches.

The wheels’ size is 54mm, with 99a hardness.

Comes with Mini Logo trucks.

8mm Mini Logo bearings.

Medium 94a White Mini Logo bushings.

Check on Amazon

The POSITIV complete skateboard utilizes AirLam skateboard presses and birch veneer to manufacture their deck. This combination of materials ensures that riders get a high-quality board that will last through multiple tricks and grinds.

These boards are made from multiple plies of wood combined with waterproof glue.

This process ensures that your board will last through all kinds of terrain and wear and tear. Not only is this construction strong, but it also provides maximum flexibility to make all your tricks more comfortable.

The best part about this board is an SST slide treatment applied to the bottom of the deck. This helps skaters get more length out of their slides, all your slides last longer and come with fewer worries about damage.

This skateboard will help you to pop higher off the ground when gearing up for tricks due to its unique K12 concave shape deck that’s deep and offers better stiffness. 

Moreover, the wheels on this skateboard are of high quality and smooth. These durable, high-performing wheels are super slick and responsive making it easy for any skill level to master the ride during an all-day session.


  • 1. Coated with an SST slide.
  • 2. Unique K12 concave shape deck.
  • 3. The board is made sturdy with AirLam technology.
  • 4. Wide-treaded wheels for a comfortable ride.


  • 1. Original positive trucks were not present

Best Skateboard for Big Guys (Buying Guide)

Standard skateboards are typically manufactured with 7-ply decks and have a weight capacity of 200 pounds. However, if you’re above 5’10” or weigh more than 200 pounds, finding the perfect board that offers enough support and stability can be difficult. 

If your height is 5’10” and your weight is above 200 pounds, then you are considered a heavy rider.

Normally, skateboards are constructed with a 7-ply deck with 220 maximum load capacity.

The skateboard weight capacity also depends on how you ride and land while performing tricks along with your weight.

It’s important to know what to look for when buying a skateboard. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, understanding the basics of skateboard components can help you choose the proper setup for your needs. 

In particular, heavier riders have unique concerns when it comes to selecting the right deck and trucks. In this guide, you’ll find all the information you need to make the right choice.

Deck Shapes and Size and Material

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a skateboard for heavy riders is the deck. The deck is the main part of the skateboard, and it supports your weight and provides stability while you are riding.

To find the best skateboard for big guys, look for a deck that is made of sturdy and durable materials such as maple or bamboo. These materials are strong and can support a heavy rider without breaking or bending.

To ensure maximum durability and safety, it’s important to pick a skateboard deck that’s seven layers or more of maple wood.

Maple wood offers a combination of strength, flexibility, and resistance to warping, making it ideal for heavier riders. 

Another important factor is deck size. Make sure that your board should be at least 8 inches wide as this ensures that big guys don’t feel restricted or uncomfortable when attempting tricks and stunts.

The skateboard deck should also have a concave shape, which provides a comfortable for your feet.

A concave deck will also help to distribute your weight evenly across the board, which will improve stability and control.


Skateboards for heavy riders must have solid and quality trucks. 

Make sure you avoid plastic trucks no matter what. Plastic trucks are too weak to bear the weight of heavier riders, making them unsuitable for anyone over 160 pounds.

Heavy riders should look for trucks that are made of durable materials and have a wide base, which will provide more stability and support.

It is best to choose aluminum or steel alloy trucks that can take on more weight without breaking under pressure.

Recommended Wheels

Size and material are key components in choosing the right wheel for your weight and riding style, as well as the terrain on which you plan to ride.

Your wheel size affects speed, bounce, and grip and can make or break your experience with a skateboard.

Wheelsets sized between 52mm to 59mm are generally suitable for heavier riders since they are not too big or too small.

This makes them easy to control and maneuver across different surfaces. In addition, these mid-sized skateboard wheels provide great speed and traction when compared to smaller sized.

When selecting skateboard wheels, another important factor to consider is wheel hardness, measured in durometer ratings. A higher durometer rating indicates a harder wheel while lower ratings indicate softer wheels. 

For heavy riders looking for maximum speed and stability on their skateboards, we recommend choosing wheels with a durometer level of 80a or higher. 

Additionally, make sure your skateboard wheels are made of Polyurethane, it is durable enough to handle heavier weight without sacrificing grip or performance.


As a heavy or big rider, avoid buying cheap bearings that may not have the strength and durability needed for bigger riders. 

Skateboard bearings are a key component of any skateboard. ABEC 7 stainless steel bearings are standard in quality and provide excellent performance, durability, and speed.

ABEC 7 bearings are known for their superior precision and smoothness compared to lower-rated models like ABEC 5 or 3.

Additionally, stainless steel construction ensures extra protection from dirt and dust that can negatively impact performance over time.

And also look at the features such as shield type or bearing materials as these components may also affect how well they can support heavy riders in comparison to lighter ones.

Grip Tape

One of the most essential components of any skateboard is its grip tape. Grip tape helps riders control the board and provides traction when performing tricks.

But grip tapes become worn out over time, so if you’re a heavy rider, you need to make sure that your skateboard has adequate grip tape before hitting the streets. 

Skate T-tool

Skateboarders need to have a T-tool by their side for repairs and adjustments. The T-tool is an essential part of any skateboarder’s toolkit.

Not only does it help with repairs at home, but it is also an extremely useful tool when you are out skating and encounter problems such as loose or broken parts.

Having a T-tool on hand allows skateboarders to make quick adjustments and repairs without having to run back home or visit the local skate shop.

This way they can keep riding instead of wasting time waiting for someone else to fix the problem. 

It is especially important if you’re in a remote location where there are no shops nearby. With a T-tool, you can take care of the issue right away and continue enjoying your ride.

People Also Asked Questions

Here, I have briefly answered some of the most commonly asked and most relevant questions.

1. What type of skateboard is good for heavy riders?

First and foremost, it is important to choose a skateboard that is designed for your weight and skill level. 

When choosing a skateboard for heavier riders, it’s important to look at things like deck size, wheel size, and truck width.

A bigger deck is great because it provides more space and stability while still allowing riders to perform tricks with ease.

For heavier riders, wheels should also be larger in diameter at least 52mm or greater to provide extra grip and shock absorption when landing tricks or riding over rough terrain.

Another option for heavy riders is a cruiser skateboard. Cruiser skateboards are similar to longboards, but they are slightly shorter and have a more compact design.

They are ideal for riders who want a skateboard that is easy to maneuver and control but still provides plenty of stability and support.

2. Can overweight people skateboard?

Overweight people can skateboard. Skateboarding is an exciting and fun sport that can be enjoyed by people of all shapes and sizes.

It’s important to remember that skateboarding can be hard on your joints just like any other physical activity. This is especially true for people who are overweight, and it can cause pain and discomfort to your joints.

So overweight skateboarders need to take it slow and start with shorter sessions to give their joints time to adjust.

Another thing is that skateboards come in different sizes and styles, and some are more appropriate for heavier riders.

For example, a longboard may be a good option for an overweight person because it offers a wider deck for the rider to stand on. This can make it easier to balance and maintain control, which can help prevent falls and injuries.

It’s also important for overweight people to wear safety gear, such as helmets, elbow pads knee pads, and wrist guards.

This can help you to protect against falls and injuries and can make the skateboarding experience more enjoyable overall.

Overall, for overweight people skateboarding is an enjoyable activity if they take their time, start out with shorter sessions, and choose the right equipment. 

3. Can you lose weight skateboarding?

Yes, you can lose weight skateboarding. Skateboarding is an effective way to lose weight and improve overall health.

Skateboarding burns calories and can help to reduce body fat. Depending on the intensity of each skateboarding session and the individual’s weight, a person can burn between 300 and 400 calories per hour of skateboarding.

Skateboarding can also help to build strength and improve coordination and balance, leading to a stronger, more flexible body.

4. How much weight can a skateboard hold?

A quality skateboard can easily hold up to 220 lbs of weight. The maximum weight capacity of a skateboard will depend upon the size and construction of the deck as well as how you load your board while riding. 

For example, if you’re regularly loading your skateboard with heavy riders, then this may reduce the board’s maximum weight limit considerably.

Similarly, landing hard from jumps and tricks can also weaken your board over time and reduce its ability to bear heavier loads.

5. Can a 300-pound man ride a skateboard?

Yes, a 300-pound man can ride a skateboard with the right equipment and technique. It may take some time to get the hang of it, but with determination and practice, anyone can learn to skateboard.

A larger person may have to work harder to maintain their balance on a skateboard, but with practice and determination, it can be done.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best skateboard for heavy riders is essential to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Look for a deck that is sturdy and durable, with a concave shape and a wide base.

Choose trucks, wheels, and bearings that are made of high-quality materials and are designed to support a heavy rider. With the right skateboard, you can enjoy the fun and excitement of skateboarding without worrying about your weight.

The short answer for Hurry Guys;

  • The deck should be at least 7-ply.
  • Wheel sizes preferably between 52mm and 59mm.
  • The deck width should be 8″ inches or above for more balance.
  • The deck material could be maple.
  • Board shape can vary, but “concave shape” is the best.


Q1: What features should heavy riders look for in a skateboard?

Ans: Heavy riders should look for skateboards with sturdy deck construction, strong trucks, durable wheels, wider decks, and higher weight capacity ratings for optimal performance and support.

Q2: Are there weight limits specified for skateboard decks and trucks?

Ans: Many skateboard decks and trucks have special ratings to know how much weight they can carry. This helps keep the rider safe and the skateboard is working great!

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