Best Skateboard Decks For Pop In 2023

The heart and soul of every skateboarder’s is their deck, and it’s no secret that the right one can make all the difference. It plays a crucial role in the overall performance and feel of the skateboard.

Let’s dive into the world of the “best skateboard decks for pop.” Whether you’re looking to boost your ollies, perfect your kickflips, or simply cruise the streets with style, we’ve got the inside scoop on decks that’ll have you soaring to new heights.

Get ready to pop, lock, and roll as we uncover the decks that will take your skating game to the next level.

We will also provide tips on how to improve pop and maintain the quality of the deck.

List Of Best Skateboard Decks for Pop

The following are the best pop skateboard decks. Take a look;

best pop skateboard deck

1. Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard

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Skateboard with the best pop

2. SANTA CRUZ Complete Skateboard

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best skateboard for pop

3. Baker Skateboard Factory Assembled Complete

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best pop skateboard

4. [CCS] Skateboard Complete

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skateboard brands with best pop

5. Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

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Definition of “Pop” in Skateboarding

The term “pop” is often used when discussing skateboarding, but what exactly does it mean? Pop refers to the ability of the skateboard to float off the ground and propel the rider into the air.

It is an essential element of skateboarding and is often used to perform tricks such as ollies, flips, and grinds. Good pop is achieved when the skateboard has a strong and responsive deck, trucks, and wheels. It also depends on your skill level, technique, and timing.

Pop is typically generated by shifting your weight and using your feet to compress the deck and springs of the trucks, creating a rebound effect that lifts the skateboard into the air.

Pop is an important factor in the overall performance and feel of a skateboard and can greatly affect your ability to perform tricks and maneuvers.

Importance of Deck in Achieving Good Pop

A good skateboard deck is an important factor in achieving good pop because it plays a crucial role in the overall performance and feel of the skateboard.

The deck is the platform on which you stand and perform tricks, and it must be strong, responsive, and well-suited to your style and skill level.

A deck that is too stiff or too flexible, poorly constructed, or made of inferior materials, can result in poor pop and make it difficult for you to perform tricks.

How to Choose the Best Pop Skateboard Deck?

When it comes to choosing the right deck for pop skateboarding, there are a few factors to consider.

1. Deck Shape and Size

The shape and size of your deck can have a big impact on how you perform when skateboarding. Knowing what type of decks and sizes work best for your style is essential in order to get the most out of your skateboarding experience.

Generally, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” option when it comes to finding the perfect board for pop skating.

Normally, the deck with 28-32 inches in length and 7.5” – 8.5” inches in width can give you more pop because it allows you more power transfer when popping the board.

Look for decks with a medium-to-narrow width. A narrower deck allows for more leverage when popping the board, which can give you more pop.

Your weight and height are also taken into account when choosing the right size that will work best for you. Lighter riders tend to prefer shorter boards while taller riders typically opt for wider ones.

Keep in mind that the best deck for pop will depend on your personal style and what kind of tricks you want to do.

2. Deck Construction and Materials

There are several factors that can affect the pop of a skateboard deck, including the construction and materials used to make it.

Construction of The Deck

One key factor in the pop of a skateboard deck is its construction method.

Decks that are pressed or laminated (where layers of wood are bonded together) are generally considered to have less pop.

The decks are cut and shaped from a single piece of wood are solid (also known as a “solid” deck).

This is because solid decks tend to be more rigid and have a more consistent flex pattern, which allows them to spring back up more easily after being compressed.

Materials of the Deck

The type of wood used in a skateboard deck can also have an impact on its pop.

Decks made from stiffer materials like maple or bamboo tend to have more pop than softer materials like aluminum or plastic.

However, the specific properties of a particular type of wood can vary based on factors such as its age, moisture content, and density, so it’s not always possible to predict the pop of a deck based on the type of wood alone.

There are Other materials also used in making skateboard decks, such as composite materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber. These materials can be used to enhance the strength and stiffness of the deck, which can improve deck pop.

3. Look for a Deck with a Concave Shape and Rocker

The concave and rocker of the deck can also affect the pop of the skateboard.

Concave is the curvature of the deck that helps your feet grip the board and gives you more control. Decks with more pronounced concave shapes tend to have more pop because they allow you to apply more force to the board when popping it.

The rocker is the curve of the deck from side to side, and it can affect the stability and performance of the skateboard. A deck with a strong rocker may be more responsive.

A deck with a flat or slightly rockered profile may be more stable and have more pop.

4. Choose a Deck with a Shorter Wheelbase. 

The wheelbase is the distance between the innermost mounting holes on the deck. A shorter wheelbase allows for a more agile and responsive deck, which can give you more pop when you’re performing tricks.

Review of Skateboards With the Best Pop

We’ve reviewed the best pop skateboard deck, based on durability, quality, design, and overall performance.

Whether you’re just starting out or want to take your skating to the next level, here are some of the top options to consider.

1. Powell Peralta Flight Skateboard Deck

best pop skateboard

The Powell Peralta Flight skateboard deck is one of the most popular and durable decks available on the market. This is one of the best skateboard for pop, tricks, and stunts.

Skating with Powell-Peralta decks will make you feel like you’re the Tony Hawk of your neighborhood.

Powell Peralta is a well-known and respected brand in the skateboarding industry, and their Flight decks are popular among skaters for their quality and performance.

One of the standout features of the Flight deck is its shape, which is designed for technical street skating and features a sharp, aggressive concave.

This allows for precise control and stability when performing tricks, as well as a comfortable and secure feel underfoot.

The deck is made from 5-ply maple wood with a combination of 2-carbon ply making them lightweight and one of the tougher decks.

In terms of durability, the Flight deck is built to last and can handle the pressure and wear of regular skateboarding use.

It also has a graphic design on the bottom of the deck that is applied using a heat transfer process, which helps to ensure that the graphic won’t peel or fade over time.

Overall, the Powell Peralta Flight skateboard deck is a solid choice for skaters looking for a high-performance deck that is built to last.

It’s suitable for all levels of skateboarding, from beginner to advanced, and is sure to be a reliable choice for anyone looking to take their skating to the next level.

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2. SANTA CRUZ Skateboard Deck – Classic Dot

Best Skateboard Decks for Pop

Santa Cruz is another well-known and respected brand in the skateboarding industry, and their decks are highly regarded for their quality and performance.

One of the standout features of Santa Cruz decks is their construction, which typically uses high-quality materials such as seven-ply maple or a blend of maple and fiberglass.

These materials provide the decks with a strong and lightweight feel, allowing for maximum performance and control.

Santa Cruz decks are also known for their shapes, which are designed to suit different styles of skateboarding.

For example, the Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp Target deck with a concave shape is considered one of the best skateboard for pop, street skating, and technical tricks, while the Santa Cruz Screaming Hand deck has a more relaxed concave that is well-suited for cruising and carving.

In terms of durability, Santa Cruz decks are built to last and can handle the regular wear and tear of skateboarding use.

They also have a variety of graphic designs available, which are applied using a heat transfer process to help ensure that the graphics won’t peel or fade over time.

Overall, this is the best pop skateboard deck and a great choice for skaters of all levels and styles.

They offer a high level of performance and durability and are sure to be a reliable choice for anyone looking to take their skating to the next level.

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3. Baker Brand Logo Deck – Black/White Skateboard Deck

Best pop skateboard deck

Baker brand was founded in 2000 by professional skateboarder and company owner, Andrew Reynolds.

With its team of world-renowned skaters and unique deck designs, Baker is the go-to for experienced riders and beginners who want to take their skating up a notch.

Baker Skateboards has been setting standards of excellence in board craftsmanship since 2000.

The company’s number one goal is quality. You can be assured that when you purchase a deck from them, you will be able to use it safely for years to come.

Baker Skateboard decks are unbeatable choices for every skater looking for performance and durability.

This skateboard deck is made from high-quality maple wood and is incredibly lightweight, only weighing two pounds. Plus, you don’t have to worry about replacing your deck frequently.

Not only that, it’s 32 inches long and 8 inches wide deck giving you plenty of room. With its classic shape and mellow concave, you get that solid grip on your feet to help you to perform tricks more easily.

This deck provides you with optimal street performance, allowing you to tackle every type of rail, ledge, or flat bar obstacle.

With a deep concave and kick tail, this deck gives you the stability you need when trying to master hardcore vertical tricks like nollies and flip tricks.

Due to its performance-driven design and lightweight, this board is sure to become your favorite skate companion.

Both pros and beginners have tested this board extensively, which means it won’t disappoint you. Don’t think twice about getting yourself one.

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4. CCS Blank and Graphic Skateboard Decks

skateboard with the best pop

If you’re looking for an affordable skateboard deck that performs, then CCS has you covered. Their deck construction and quality are just as reliable as more expensive brands, allowing you to enjoy top-notch performance without having to break the bank.

Whether it’s downhill or around the park, with a CCS skateboard deck you’ll be sure to shred until sunset.

Their 7-ply maple wood deck construction gives you just the right mix of flex and stiffness, so you can “feel” your ride more effectively without compromising strength.

Their classic shape makes them one of the best pop skateboards for ollies and cruising around or showing off some stunts.

It also provides you with decent pop, so you can feel comfortable navigating the board no matter your level of experience. Plus, it looks great too.

Its durable materials mean that it will last even through the most serious wear and tear. In my opinion, this is the best pop skateboard for beginners who are just beginning their journey.

Not only do you save money, but also have access to a wider range of configurations right here on CCS.

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5. Enjoi Skateboard Decks

best skateboard for pop

The Enjoi skateboard deck is designed with sustainability in mind. Not only does it make an eco-friendly choice for skating enthusiasts, but the materials are created to last and are able to withstand tricks and rough landings.

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you can push your limits without worrying about damaging your board.

The one thing that really sets them apart is that their boards are made by Dwindle Distribution. The same company that makes Almost and Blind Skateboards.

Dwindle Distribution is widely regarded as one of the best skate deck makers, so you can trust that this skateboard deck will stand up against wear and tear better.

Enjoi Skateboard Decks have a classic popsicle shape that makes style and technical skating easy.

With an Enjoi Skateboard Deck, you’ll never have to worry about soggy plywood and the fear of losing pop.

This is because these decks are specially designed with epoxy glue which holds all 7 layers together for improved rigidity, durability, and overall response time ensuring each kickflip is totally on point.

Whether you’re cruising or grinding ledges, this deck provides great pop for all sorts of tricks.

It holds up better under pressure thanks to premium 7-ply construction and heavy-duty epoxy glue providing strength and stability.

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6. Moose Blank Skateboard Deck – Natural Wood

best skateboard deck for pop

Moose Blank Skateboard Decks are the perfect choice for serious skateboarders and beginners alike. Made from traditional 7-ply maple wood, these decks offer a durable and reliable ride.

Moose Blank decks come in a wide range of sizes, from 7.25 to 9.0 inches, so there is sure to be one that fits your skating style and preference.

The deck comes with a modern shape that delivers the pop you need for an effortless shred session. The strong wood core allows skaters to feel connected with their board, giving them enhanced control over every turn and flip they make.

I’m sure, Skateboarders of all levels will love the maximum pop and fun of a Moose Blank Skateboard Deck.

The mellow concave allows you easy maneuverability on ramps, rails, or around town. Additionally, the steep kicks provide optimal leverage for all your tricks giving you more control over flip or grind.

This deck is the perfect combination of flex, stiffness, and strength, that will provide you with smooth, stable riding no matter your level of expertise.

And its lightweight design makes it easy to take with you wherever your next adventure calls.

If you are looking for a reliable and budget-friendly skateboard deck to take around the streets and parks, look no further than the Moose Deck.

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FAQ on Best Skateboard Decks for Pop

Here, I have briefly answered some of the most commonly asked and most relevant questions.

How can I improve my skateboard pop?

Here are a few more tips for improving the pop on your skateboard deck:

1. Keep your skateboard well-maintained

Having a reliable skateboard and keeping it well-maintained are both essential for any skater. Maintaining your skateboard correctly is not only important for safety, but also helps you get the most out of your ride.

Regularly cleaning and lubricating your bearings, tightening your trucks, and replacing worn-out grip tape can all help improve the pop on your skateboard.

2. Use the right size trucks for your deck

Size matters when it comes to skateboard trucks because they are what provide balance and stability when skating.

Skateboard trucks that are too small or too large for your deck can affect its pop. Make sure you’re using the right size trucks for your deck to get the best performance.

The wrong truck size can cause wheel bite, making it hard to maneuver properly and increasing the risk of falls or injuries.

3. Experiment with different types of grip tape

Grip tape is an essential element when it comes to improving your skateboard deck pop. Griptape with a coarser surface can give you more grip and pop when you’re performing tricks.

Grip tape provides much-needed traction and stability between your shoes and board when performing tricks like ollies or kickflips.

4. Practice popping the board. 

Popping the board off the ground allows a skater to gain momentum while performing tricks and turns. The more you practice popping the board, the better you’ll get at it.

Focus on getting a strong, smooth pop by shifting your weight and applying pressure to the deck with your back foot.

5. Use the right size wheels for your deck.

Choosing the right size wheels for your deck can have a significant impact on how well you perform.  Wheels that are too small or too large can affect the pop on your skateboard. Make sure you’re using the right size wheels for your deck to get the best performance.

6. Experiment with different trucks.

If you’re a skateboarder looking to improve your pop, finding the right truck is essential.

Different trucks have different turning capabilities and can affect the pop on your skateboard. Try out a few other truck brands and models to see which one works best for you.

Remember that the key to improving the pop on your skateboard is to find the right setup that works for you. Experiment with different combinations of decks, trucks, wheels, and grip tape to see what works best.

When does a skateboard lose its pop?

Here are a few different factors that can cause a skateboard to lose its pop:

1. Wear and tear: 

Over time, skateboard decks, trucks, and wheels can become worn out and lose their performance. This can cause the skateboard to lose its pop.

2. Poor maintenance: 

Skateboards that are not well-maintained can lose their pop. Make sure to regularly clean and lubricate your bearings, tighten your trucks, and replace worn-out grip tape to keep your skateboard in top condition.

3. Incorrect setup: 

Using the wrong size trucks or wheels for your deck, or using the wrong type of grip tape, can all affect the pop on your skateboard. Make sure you’re using the right setup to get the best performance.

4. Lack of practice:

If you don’t practice popping the board regularly, you may lose your pop over time. Make sure to practice popping the board regularly to keep your pop strong.

Overall, the key to maintaining the pop on your skateboard is to take good care of it, use the right setup, and practice regularly.

Which skateboard deck has the best pop?

It is difficult to determine which skateboard deck has the most “pop,” as pop is a subjective quality that can vary based on the rider’s personal preference and style, as well as the specific features of the deck itself.

In general, a Skateboard with the best pop has a concave shape, made of stiffer materials, such as made of wood or carbon fiber, which have more pop. They tend to be more responsive and provide a more explosive release when the rider pops off the deck.


I hope now you have a better understanding of which skateboard deck is best suited for your pop-style skateboarding.

In the end, finding the best skateboard decks for pop comes down to personal preference, riding style, and budget. The most important factor is always your comfort and safety. You should also consider investing in quality bearings, trucks, and grip tape for better performance.

You can read more about which wood is best for skateboard decks here.

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