Best Skateboard Backpack In 2023 (For Every Budget)

Most school and college students need a backpack to carry their books and supplies, but skateboarders need a backpack they can also use to carry their boards.

Many skateboarders like to ride to school or work, and they need a way to carry their boards with them.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best skateboard backpack that are perfect for carrying your gear (and your board) around campus.

With plenty of room for textbooks, notebooks, and your laptop, these backpacks also have specially designed skateboard straps that make it easy to carry your skateboard.

Let’s get started,

List of Best Skateboard Backpack

Here is our top pick for the best skateboard bags.

best skateboard travel bag

1. Eastsport Skateboard Backpack

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best skateboard backpacks

2. Ronyes Skateboard Backpack

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best skate backpack

3. Simbow Skateboard Backpack

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best skate bag

4. NIXON Ransack Skateboard Bag

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Nike Skateboard Backpack

5. Nike Skateboard Backpack

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Vans Skateboard Backpack

6. Vans Skateboard Backpack

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Best Skateboard Backpack (Review)

Let’s expand on it.

1. Overall Best Skate Backpack

best overall

best skateboard backpack

Eastsport Multipurpose Skater Backpack

Key Features

Large Capacity Pockets.

Interior Tech Pockets.

Velcro Straps for a Skateboard.

Rubberized Top Handle.

Durable Polyester Material.

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Our top pick is, Eastsport has the best backpack with skateboard straps. This is the best backpack for skateboard. This bag is perfect for carrying a skateboard and other things when you are not skating. It’s really versatile and well-made.

This backpack is built with durable polyester material and construction, so it can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

The sturdy straps and zippers provide additional support and security, making this backpack perfect for taking on any adventure.

The interior tech pocket is great for holding laptops up to 15 inches, and the multiple front zip pockets are perfect for storing smaller items.

This backpack also features a comfortable shoulder strap design, so you can wear it all day without having to worry about it slipping off.

This backpack also has a rubber-coated handle on the tip, making it easy to carry, and comes with a pair of mesh hydration pockets to hold water bottles, making it perfect for staying hydrated on the go.


  • An ergonomic handle with rubber coating.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with ultra-padded padding.
  • Durable Polyester Material and Construction.
  • It comes with multiple front zip pockets.


  • No cons I found.

2. Multipurpose Skateboard Bag

Multi purpose

best backpack for skateboard

Ronyes Backpack with USB Port

Key Features

The capacity of 30L.

Waterproof coating.

Adjustable board straps.

USB with built-in charging cable.

Great for school, college, sports, and outdoor activities.

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If you’re looking for the best skate backpack for skateboarding that will make your life easier, look no further than the Ronyes backpack.

The Ronyes skateboard bag is the perfect bag for your daily commute, school, or just carrying around all of your belongings on an adventure.

The Ronyes Skate Backpack comes with secure zippered pockets, so you can keep your valuables safe while you’re on the go. The backpack is also equipped with a durable strap system that ensures a comfortable and stable fit.

And the best part, which I love the most is that it has an External USB with a built-in charging feature, so you can keep your phone or other devices charged while on the go.

With this bag, you won’t have to worry about your things getting wet if you get caught in a rainstorm. The polyester material with a waterproof coating will keep everything inside dry and safe.

This skate backpack has comfortable shoulder straps and back padding designed to distribute weight evenly, so you won’t have to worry about your back or shoulders getting tired.


  • The straps are wide and comfortable.
  • Side pocket with zippers.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Integrated charging cable with external USB.
  • Waterproof coating.
  • You can use it for travel.


  • No water bottle pocket on the side.

The external USB with built-in charging was really handy. Overall, I was really happy with the backpack and would highly recommend it.

3. Best Skateboard Backpack under Budget


Best backpack for skateboarders

Simbow Skateboard Bag (Amazon Choice)

Key Features

Anti-theft password lock.

USB Charging Port.

Upgrade Metal Zippers.

Water Resistant.

Professional skateboard backpack brand.

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A good skate backpack should have plenty of room for all of your gear, and the Simbow backpack definitely fits that bill.

The Simbow skateboard backpack was designed with the modern student in mind. This bag is really sleek and stylish. I like that it’s a flat shape too. It comes equipped with multiple pockets and compartments, including a special section for laptops and notebooks.

I love that it has a hidden anti-theft-proof pocket on the back – it’s perfect for storing your valuables like a passport, money, mobile, and wallet.

You felt really safe having your things stored in the hidden pocket and it was really comfortable to wear.

You can double-protect your personal belongings with the anti-theft password lock on the top. I would definitely recommend this backpack to you.

This backpack comes with a USB port and a headset port. The charging port offers you a more convenient way to charge your phone anywhere.

Whether you’re at the skate park or in the classroom, you can keep your phone charged and ready for use.

The port is also great for other devices, like portable speakers or MP3 players.

Like other backpacks, The Simbow skateboard bag is also designed with double straps to help secure your skateboard when you’re on the go. Overall, this is the best backpack for Skateboard with a lock.


  • Come with USB And headset charging ports.
  • Anti-theft pocket with double protection password lock.
  • Polyester fabric with a water-repellent coating.
  • Perfect for kids and teenagers.


  • Not suitable for longboards and electric skateboards.

4. Also Best Backpack For Skateboard

Also best

best backpack with skateoard straps

NIXON Ransack Backpack

Key Features

Made with Repreve Ocean Polyester

600D polyester exterior and 70D polyester interior.

Multiple Pockets.

Best for traveling.

(15″) Laptop storage. 

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The most adventurous look on the market, Ransack has a sleek and modern look that will turn heads.

The NIXON Ransack Skateboard Backpack is a lightweight, top-loading backpack with a roomy main compartment and convertible straps.

This skate bag is the ideal travel buddy with a large capacity and can hold everything you need for a day on the go.

This backpack’s outer shell is made of 600D polyester, while the inner shell is made of 70D polyester. This tough, durable backpack is made with a blend of recycled ocean plastics.

An excellent feature is a hidden laptop sleeve with a zipped side entry that allows you to keep your laptop safe and organized while you’re on the go. This pocket is capable of fitting a 15″ laptop easily.

The professional laptop sleeve makes it easy to transport your computer wherever you go and provides safe storage.

The Ransack also features a skateboard carrying strap and durable construction that can stand up to any adventure.


  • The capacity is larger and the weight is lighter.
  • An ideal travel companion.
  • This product is made from recycled ocean plastics that are environmentally friendly.
  • Pockets are very well organized to store valuables like wallets, keys, and mobile phones.
  • Comfortable and sturdy.


  • Thin padding on straps. 

5. Best Backpack Brand

Best brand

Best skateboard carring backpack

Nike SB RPM AOP Backpack

Key Features

100% polyester construction.

curved shoulder straps provide a comfortable fit.

Textured polyester on the bottom.

Comfort, Security, and durable.

Long-lasting backpack for every day.

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Nike is a very well-known company when it comes to sports and fitness. They have a lot of different products for many different sports. Their products are stylish and well-made, and their skateboard backpack is no exception.

The Nike skateboard backpack is the perfect choice for any skater who wants a durable and stylish backpack to carry their gear around in.

With the Nike SB RPM Skate Backpack, you can carry everything you need. The backpack’s main compartment is roomy enough to store a laptop, textbooks, gear for a day at the skate park, and other essential items.

There are also smaller mesh pockets inside the compartment for your other small items.

The straps on the front of the bag provide a secure place for your skateboard, so you don’t have to worry about it bouncing around or getting damaged.

I love the shape of this bag, it fits comfortably and has curved shoulder straps. The bag is comfortable to carry, with padded straps that distribute the weight evenly.

Nike skate backpacks are built to last with a tough 100%  polyester fabric bottom that protects against scratches and scrapes. Overall, I love this Skateboard carrying backpack.


  • Comfortable shoulder straps provide a snug fit.
  • Support your back with an adjustable sternum strap.
  • High-quality, water-resistant.


  • Little expensive.

6. Also Good Skateboard Backpack

also best

best Skateboard bags

Vans School Student Backpack

Key Features

100% Polyester.

2 side stretch mesh pockets.

Large main compartment for laptop.

Check on Amazon

Vans is one of the most iconic skateboard backpack brands out there. This trendy and functional backpack made by VANS Skates is perfect for transporting skateboards and other gear.

It has a large main compartment that can easily fit all of your gear, plus a 15″ laptop sleeve for storing your computer or other electronics. making it perfect for students.

Longboards and skateboards are also easily transported in this bag because of their large capacity.

The backpack comes with two front adjustable skateboard straps, so you can easily and quickly strap your skateboard to the backpack when you’re done skating.

Plus, the stylish design of the backpack is sure to turn heads when you’re skating around town.

A pair of mesh pockets are located on the sides of this backpack.

This bag has a nice exterior as well. This backpack is made of durable 100% polyester fabric, so it can withstand wear and tear.

And if you get caught in the rain, no worries this backpack is made from water-resistant materials to keep your belongings safe and dry.

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional backpack, this VANS durable skateboard backpack is a great choice.


  • 100% polyester material.
  • Large size about 19.5 L x 13 W x 5.75 D inches.
  • You can use this backpack for multipurpose.
  • Durable.


  • A little expensive.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard Backpacks (Buying Guide)

A skateboard backpack is not like any other backpack. It needs to be able to withstand the wear and tear of being thrown around, carrying a heavy load, and being exposed to the elements.

When deciding on the best backpack for skateboarding, there are a few key factors to consider.

There are 12 things to look for in a good skateboard backpack:

1. Size of the Backpack

The first important thing is the size of the skate backpack. If you are a student then You want to make sure that it is large enough to fit your skateboard, books, laptops, and other important essentials, but not too large that it becomes Inconvenient to carry.

In terms of capacity, some bags are built with an average capacity of 30l to 50l, making them ideal for travel. The right size bag for students is one with a capacity of 30L.

2. Fit and comfort

Fit and comfort are the most important factors to consider when buying a skateboard backpack. It should be a backpack that fits your body shape and is comfortable to wear.

Look for a backpack with padding in the shoulder straps and back panel, so it doesn’t hurt your shoulders and back while carrying it around.

Make sure that the straps are not too tight or too loose. This will ensure that the backpack will fit your body comfortably.

3. Skateboard Straps

When it comes to choosing a backpack with skateboard straps, it’s important to pick one with sturdy skateboard straps. Make sure your skateboard bag has long, heavy-duty Velcro straps that can support its weight.

4. Durability

Taking a look at the material used is essential. The durability of your backpack will depend on the material it is made out of. Polyester is the most durable fabric for backpacks, so look for this material when shopping.

Polyester fabric provides you with both waterproof and resistant to tears, so it will give you a lot more value for your money.

Also, be sure to check the stitching and construction of the backpack before purchasing to ensure it will hold up against wear and tear.

5. Multipurpose

When choosing a backpack, look for one that is versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. A multipurpose skateboard backpack can be used as a school backpack, a travel backpack, or even a sports bag.

It should have enough compartments to store your skateboard, pads, helmet, and other gear.

6. Quality Zip is Important

A good skateboard backpack should have a quality zip. The zip is the only thing that secures your bag, so it is important to make sure it is of good quality.

Make sure the teeth of the zip should be evenly spaced and well-made. The slider should move smoothly along the length of the zip. It should not get stuck or catch on anything. The ends of the zip should be securely fastened.

7. WaterProof

It is important to make sure that your backpack is waterproof so that your belongings stay dry.

8. Storage

Make sure it has enough storage space. This is essential in order to ensure that the bag can accommodate all of your skateboarding equipment.

Additionally, it is important to consider the different compartments and pockets that the bag has to offer such as the front pocket, side pocket, main compartment, and secondary compartment, as they determine how accessible and organized your personal items will be.

9. Price

Price is always a factor when determining which product to buy. Although cheap skateboard backpacks can be effective, they might not be the most useful for all situations.

So, it is important to find a balance between price and quality when selecting a backpack. For a decent skate backpack, the price range between $30 and $40 is ideal.

10. Breathability

Breathability is an important factor to consider when choosing a good skateboard backpack. It allows air circulation, which helps you to keep the body cool during long skating sessions.

Breathable backpacks have mesh panels or material on the straps and back panel that allow air to flow through, keeping your back cool and dry while you ride.

11. Lightweight & Comfortable

Lightweight backpacks make it easier to carry your board with you on the go. Look for backpacks made from lightweight materials that won’t add too much bulk or weight when carrying your board.

12. Laptop and iPad padded Sleeve

Look for thick padding on the inside of the bag as well as additional pockets that can be used to hold your devices securely in place. You’ll want to make sure the backpack can adequately protect your laptop and iPad from bumps and scratches while in transit.

How to Take Care of Your Skateboard Backpack?

Taking care of your skateboard backpack will help its longevity and keep it looking fresh. Here are some tips on how to take care of your skateboard backpack, to keep it looking great.

A. Cleaning and maintenance:

To start, wipe down the backpack with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime that may accumulate over time. You can also use mild soap and water if there are stubborn stains that need cleaning.

Once cleaned, allow the backpack to dry completely before using it again.

B. Storage tips:

First Tip:

It is important to Store the backpack in a cool and dry place.

A hot environment can cause the fabric to fade or tear over time, while moisture can damage the zippers of the bag and cause the straps to become brittle and weak.

Additionally, never store any wet items inside the bag as this could lead to mold growth within its inner lining.

Finally, avoid leaving your backpack in direct sunlight as this can also cause color fading or fabric degradation over time.

Second Tip:

Keep Your backpack away from sharp objects such as Knives, scissors, and any other sharp objects which can easily tear or puncture the material of your backpack, leaving you with a ruined bag.

For that reason, be sure not to leave sharp objects inside your backpack. If you want to put them in your bag, then wrap them in cloth or another protective material so they don’t make contact with the fabric of the bag itself.

Third Tip:

Hang the backpack or store it in a standing position to maintain its shape.

C. Repairs and replacement:

  • If your backpack becomes damaged, it is best to repair it as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
  • Check for any loose or damaged straps, buckles, or zippers and repair or replace them as necessary.
  • It is recommended to replace the backpack if it cannot be repaired or if it has reached the end of its usable life.

Can you wear a backpack while skateboarding?

Yes, it is possible to wear a backpack while skateboarding. There are a few things you need to take into consideration for safety reasons.

  • 1. Be sure not to overload your bag while skateboarding. You can lose balance and lose control of your skateboard if you carry a heavily loaded backpack.
  • 2. The size of the backpack can also restrict your movement and cause you to lose your footing more easily. So choose accordingly.
  • 3. The fit of the backpack is important, it shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, as either can be uncomfortable and unsafe.

So before you hit the streets with your board and backpack, make sure you take these factors into account.

What is the benefit of a skateboard backpack?

  • 1. Skateboard bags are very durable and can withstand the wear and tear of traveling with a skateboard.
  • 2. These bags are specifically designed to carry skateboards, they have padded straps that will keep your board safe.
  • 3. Skate bags can be used to store other items besides your board, such as clothes, shoes, and snacks.
  • 4. These backpacks distribute the weight of your equipment evenly, which can help reduce fatigue and improve your overall comfort.
  • 5. Your hands are free to carry other things.

Can a Skateboard fit Inside a Backpack?

Most skateboards are too long to fit inside a regular backpack. Even if you could get the skateboard into the backpack, it would probably stick out and make the backpack uncomfortable to wear.

There are some mini-skateboards that are only 22 inches long also called penny boards, but they’re not very common. If you have a mini-skateboard or a child’s skateboard, it might be able to fit inside a backpack.

But regardless of the size of the skateboard, it’s always best to carry it on your back with skateboard straps so you don’t damage the board or the backpack.

What are the Best Skateboard Backpack Brands?

My top three brands are Eastsport, Ronyes, and Nike.

1. The Eastsport skateboard bag is my top pick because of its variety of styles and colors to choose from. They have a backpack for every type of skater, whether you’re looking for something simple and minimalist or something bright and flashy.

2. Ronyes is my second choice because they offer a classic look that never goes out of style. Their backpacks are also well-made and will last you for years to come.

3. Nike is my third pick because they have a great selection of both stylish and functional backpacks. Whether you’re looking for a backpack to carry your skateboard or one to use for school or work, Element has you covered.

Best Skateboard Bags on Amazon

It is difficult to determine the best skateboard bags on Amazon, as personal preferences and needs can vary greatly. However, we recommend some popular skateboard backpacks on Amazon that may be worth considering which are:

  • Eastsport Multipurpose Skateboard Backpack,
  • Ronyes Backpack with USB Port,
  • Nike SB RPM AOP Backpack

It is always a good idea to read our full reviews and compare features before making a purchasing decision to ensure that the backpack you choose meets your needs and preferences.

Last Words

Lastly, I would say that the best skateboard backpack for you is the one that fits your unique style and needs. With so many different types of skateboard backpacks on the market, it can be tough to choose just one.

By considering the factors discussed above, you can narrow down your choices and find the perfect backpack for your next skateboarding adventure.

In my opinion, the Eastsport multipurpose backpack is the best value for money on the market. This bag has everything a skater needs, including plenty of space for a laptop, water bottle, and extra clothes.

The bag is also stylish and comes in a variety of colors to match any skater’s personality. So don’t wait any longer, get yourself an Eastsport skateboard bag and take the world by storm.

Thanks for reading and good luck.

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